Police Release Video of Suspects in Attack of Two Gay Men

Police seeking a clean-cut "group of approximately 10-12 white male and females."


Philly Cop Charged With Stealing Drexel Student’s Phone

Police say 7-year vet left the scene of an accident then threw the other party’s phone off a bridge.


Photos, Video From Taney Parade

Today, all of Philly was on the Dragon Wagon.


UPDATE: Stabbed Man, Two Bodies Found Along Kelly Drive

Police are investigating this morning.


Taney’s Magical Ride Comes to an End

Lose 6-5 in a nail-biter. They deserve a parade anyway.


Report: Beanie Sigel Released From Prison to Half-Way House

Had been in prison on drug and tax charges.


Commuter Alert: MFL Service in Center City Interrupted

A SEPTA employee was struck on the tracks. Service is returning, but expect delays.


Are Offshore Wind Farms the Future of AC?

Feds open up nearly 344,000 acres off the South Jersey coast for commercial wind energy.


I-95 Cottman Avenue Traffic Tangle Finally Over?

Southbound off-ramp expected to re-open Friday morning for rush-hour traffic.


Kane Investigating IBEW 98 Donation

Was part of a 2011 contribution to Reading mayoral candidate funneled back to Philly pols?


Eastern Pa. Casinos Raking It In at the Tables

Some "good" gambling news for a change (sorry, A.C.).


UPDATE: Police Have Arrested Jeremiah Jakson for the Murder of Laura Araujo

Charged with murder, robbery, theft and related offenses.


Embiid’s Foot Surgeon: He Could Play This Season

When it comes to foot fractures, a clean break is a good break.

PGW sign

Council Study of PGW Sale to Cost Nearly $100K More

If Council doesn’t act by midnight, UIL Holdings can back out of agreement — but it probably won’t.

Yes, still. Compared to the absolute destruction on many North Jersey beaches, where homes are still empty and entire blocks have been bulldozed, our South Jersey shores fared relatively well (and I say relatively because some people here lost everything). Still, climate change isn't going away, and neither are issues of flood zones and flood insurance, nor the debate of whether or not our barrier island beach towns will be here for the long haul, and what we can do to protect them (i.e. dunes — the Margate resistance to dunes should continue to be nasty). We'll hit the two-year anniversary in October, but expect this to be affecting policy for a long time. I still hear people talking about the Storm of '62. Sandy will be on our lips more than 50 years from now, too.

Report: Sandy Second-Costliest Weather Event Since 1970

Only Katrina inflicted more economic damage. And climate-related disasters are on the rise worldwide.