jason kelce super bowl parade speech

Jason Kelce’s Super Bowl Parade Speech, Annotated

You heard the oratorical masterpiece the Eagles center scream-shouted from the Art Museum steps. But do you know what it meant?


Take Me to the River: Michael Solomonov’s Favorite Place

The chef, restaurateur, and runner on the postcard-perfect vistas of Boathouse Row.

dj jazzy jeff fairmount belmont plateau t

Inspiration Point: DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Favorite Place

Philly native and hometown DJ on the eternal appeal of Fairmount Park’s Belmont Plateau.

counterfeit merchandise philadelphia

How Philly Became a Front in the War on Knockoff Swag

From fake Yeti mugs to bogus Rolex watches, officials here are seizing a ton of counterfeit merchandise.


Daryl Metcalfe Responds to Philly Mag Story

And basically confirms everything we wrote.

repair shops refurbished clothing t
Life & Style

Clothing Repair Shops Are In — but They Actually Were Never Out

Suddenly, getting things repaired is all the rage. This comes as no surprise to my cobbler.


Diamond (No Rough): Jim Gardner’s Favorite Place

The dad, baseball fan and Action News guy on why he’d always rather be at Citizens Bank Park.


Philly Pols Keep It in the Family

This Father’s Day, three iconic city politicians can look on in pride at the exploits of their progeny.


Stuck in the Middle With Michael Smerconish

In his new book, the Villanova-based Inquirer columnist revisits his greatest hits — and misses.


Will the Soda Tax Be Jim Kenney’s Waterloo?

There’s a lot riding on the challenge to the levy, including, perhaps, the mayor’s legacy.


Anatomy of an Exit

What happens when a start-up sells for a big pile of money?


Five Philly Musicians Who Should Have Beaten Bon Jovi to the Hall of Fame

With yet another Jersey act getting the nod this week, we highlight some overlooked Philadelphians.


Pennsylvania’s New Congressional Map is a Really (Really) Big Deal

It’s hell for politicians, but great for voters. Here’s why.


Is Philly’s Inferiority Complex Dead?

The city’s walking with a certain swagger these days. It feels good. It also feels weird.


Meryl Levitz: Tourism’s Pied Piper

Philly tourism is big business. Really big business.