ThinkFest 2021: Richard Vague and David Adelman Talk Betting on Philadelphia

Tune into ThinkFest on Monday, November 8th at noon for our discussion with Richard Vague and David Adelman.

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On November 8th, two of the biggest figures in the region’s business world will discuss what makes Philadelphia such a good place for venture capital activity. David Adelman (CEO of Campus Apartments, co-founder of FS Investments and founder of Darco Investments) and Richard Vague (Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Banking and Securities, author of An Illustrated Business History of the United States and former managing partner of Gabriel Investments) will talk about why Philadelphia is especially attractive right now for those looking to back innovative, paradigm-changing companies. From gene therapy to fintech to legalized cannabis and beyond, the city has become a hub for innovation. David and Richard will talk about what makes Philly hot, how COVID could impact the future, and some of the local companies they’re most excited about.

Stay tuned this week as we roll out more information about this year’s panels and speakers. ThinkFest 2021 will take place on November 8th-November 12th at noon and 4pm daily on YouTube Premieres. This event is virtual, free and open to the public. Take a look at the full lineup and register here.