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City Life

ThinkFest2021: William Hite and and Guy Generals Talk Educating Philly

We put William Hite in the top 10 of our most influential Philadelphians list for one simple reason: If parents don’t reasonably feel like kids […]

City Life

ThinkFest 2021: Ala Stanford Talks COVID-19 Plan

ThinkFest 2021 is all about legends, leaders, and the next generation of power brokers who are designing Philadelphia’s future by tackling some of the city’s most […]

City Life

ThinkFest 2021: Richard Vague and David Adelman Talk Betting on Philadelphia

On November 8th, two of the biggest figures in the region’s business world will discuss what makes Philadelphia such a good place for venture capital activity. David […]

City Life

ThinkFest 2021: Screenwriter Brad Ingelsby Talks Philadelphia on Film

You didn’t need to be from Philly to become obsessed with Brad Ingelsby’s HBO crime series Mare of Easttown. Of course, if you were from […]

bob casey
City Life

WATCH: Senator Bob Casey Talks About the Police Reform Bill He’s Co-Sponsored

Speaking at Philadelphia Magazine’s ThinkFest, U.S. Senator Bob Casey discussed some of the details of a new police reform bill he’s co-sponsored in the Senate. […]

danielle outlaw thinkfest video
City Life

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw on Watching the George Floyd Video: “That Just Did Me In”

Speaking on Tuesday as part of Philadelphia Magazine’s ThinkFest, Philadelphia police commissioner Danielle Outlaw revealed her deeply emotional reaction to watching the video of George […]

Maria Quiñones-Sánchez Richard Florida thinkfest
City Life

WATCH: Maria Quiñones-Sánchez and Richard Florida Talk About Philly’s Wealth Gap

While the protests of the last two weeks in Philadelphia and across the country have nominally been about police brutality, City Councilmember Maria Quiñones-Sánchez and […]

zeke emanuel thinkfest
City Life

WATCH: Penn Healthcare Expert Dr. Zeke Emanuel on When We’ll See a COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Zeke Emanuel, the University of Pennsylvania-based healthcare expert, says not to get your hopes up for a COVID-19 vaccine any time soon. Speaking on […]

william hite thinkfest
City Life

WATCH: Philadelphia Schools Superintendent William Hite On School Reopening in the Fall

In an interview that kicked off Philadelphia Magazine’s ThinkFest 2020, presented by Bank of America, Dr. William Hite said that next Monday, July 15th, the […]

City Life

Philly Mag Announces Special Virtual ThinkFest

The future of Philadelphia has probably never been more undetermined. In early March, on the same day the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak […]

City Life

Here’s What You Missed at ThinkFest 2019

This year’s ThinkFest certainly gave us lots to think about. Over the course of the afternoon at Penn’s Annenberg School on Thursday, some of the […]

City Life

It’s 2039. Here’s How Philadelphia Finally Embraced Its History.

If Philadelphia’s going to become the greatest city in the U.S., it will have to learn to embrace its past. Currently, we could be doing […]

City Life

It’s 2039. Here’s How We Finally Smashed the Old Boys’ Network

On Tuesday, Philly will take the familiar test that every election brings as of late: Will new Philly politics oust old Philly politics? Will the […]

City Life

It’s 2039. This Is How Philadelphia Became the Greatest City in America.

For this year’s ThinkFest, we’ve set up a little conceit. Instead of talking about the future of Philadelphia in the, well, future tense, we’re pretending […]

City Life

It’s 2039. Here’s How Philly Rose to the Challenge of Climate Change.

Climate change news and warnings seem to come incessantly these days — not unlike one big flood. The latest? A study published this week in […]