WATCH: Philadelphia Schools Superintendent William Hite On School Reopening in the Fall

Speaking as part of Philly Mag’s ThinkFest, Hite also discussed racial justice, problems with school funding, and bias training for faculty.

william hite thinkfest

Hear William Hite’s interview with Nydia Han from our all-virtual ThinkFest event.

In an interview that kicked off Philadelphia Magazine’s ThinkFest 2020, presented by Bank of America, Dr. William Hite said that next Monday, July 15th, the school district will provide an update on plans for the fall. Hite said the district has been looking at three scenarios: bringing all students and teachers back to school, continuing distance learning, and a hybrid approach.

Hite, the district’s superintendent, also discussed issues of racial justice raised in the last few weeks, touching on school-funding inequity in Pennsylvania, the need for a multicultural curriculum, bias training for teachers, as well as his own participation in two recent marches.

“Hopefully this time we’ll have the opportunity to make real and lasting changes,” Hite said.

Watch the full interview below.

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