WATCH: Penn Healthcare Expert Dr. Zeke Emanuel on When We’ll See a COVID-19 Vaccine

The former Obama Administration official spoke at Philly Mag's ThinkFest about vaccines, what's wrong with healthcare in America, and the health dangers facing protestors.

zeke emanuel thinkfest

Hear what Dr. Zeke Emanuel had to say during our all-virtual ThinkFest.

Dr. Zeke Emanuel, the University of Pennsylvania-based healthcare expert, says not to get your hopes up for a COVID-19 vaccine any time soon.

Speaking on the first day of Philadelphia Magazine’s ThinkFest, presented by Bank of America, Emanuel noted that large-scale vaccine trials will start in July, but that it will likely be at least another year before a vaccine is ready for widespread use. “If everything goes well — and it’s rare that everything goes well – some time in early 2021, middle 2021 we may see the real effectiveness of a vaccine,” he told interviewer Queen Muse, a Philly Mag contributor. “When that translates into all of us being able to get a vaccine – probably middle of 2021 to end of 2021 is most realistic.”

Emanuel, who served in the Obama Administration, also spoke about the underlying socio-economic factors that have led to people of color being impacted disproportionately by the coronavirus pandemic, some of the health dangers facing people protesting racial injustice, and his forthcoming book, Which Has Country Has the World’s Best Healthcare?

Watch video of the interview below.

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