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City Life

ThinkFest Preview: Otis Bullock Jr. on Solving Generational Poverty

Philadelphia’s movers and shakers could easily choose to dwell on the feel-good stories that have sprouted around here during the last decade or so: the slight (but welcome) population […]


ThinkFest Preview: Apu Gupta on Philly’s Changing Tech Scene

In just four years, Apu Gupta’s brainchild Curalate has singlehandedly advanced the way millions of consumers interact with brands. The startup has made it so […]


ThinkFest Preview: John Middleton on Innovation in Business, Sports and Philanthropy

The Phillies ownership used to be a group of silent partners. But, as Philadelphia magazine has chronicled, in recent years one co-owner has stepped into […]

City Life

Join John Middleton, Tamala Edwards, Apu Gupta and More at ThinkFest 2016

Philadelphia is full of smart people doing smart things. Things that can change the world. But you know the story: They are from Philly, so they don’t quite get […]


ThinkFest Recap: Mayor Nutter Says Jim Kenney Can Be “Even Better Mayor Than I’ve Been”

Did you miss ThinkFest live? Watch it here. Mayor Michael Nutter said Friday that Jim Kenney can do an “even better” job than he did by expanding upon recent gains in the […]

City Life

ThinkFest 2015 on Social Media

ThinkFest 2015 has just wrapped up. Ideas were shared, connections were made and, in the case of Buzz Bissinger, profanities were used liberally. Of course, […]

City Life

ThinkFest Recap: Millennial Creatives on Digital Storytelling

ThinkFest is streaming live all day. Watch ThinkFest here. Three “digital storytellers” appeared on the ThinkFest stage Friday afternoon to talk about the art the create, […]


ThinkFest Recap: Tom Wolf Says a Budget Deal Is “Almost There”

ThinkFest is streaming live all day. Watch ThinkFest here. Days after the Philadelphia School Reform Commission voted to borrow $250 million to stay open as the state’s budget impasse drags […]

City Life

ThinkFest Recap: Dr. Jean Bennett on Curing Blindness

ThinkFest is streaming live all day. Watch ThinkFest here. Philadelphia is leading the way in developing gene therapies that could pull off medical miracles like reversing […]


ThinkFest Recap: Comcast on Analyzing Viewing Data to Offer Commercials Just for You

ThinkFest is streaming live all day. Watch ThinkFest here. Approximately 600 households in Philadelphia tell the Neilson ratings folks what we’re watching on traditional cable TV. That […]


ThinkFest Recap: The Gentrification Train “Has Not Left Station” — Yet

ThinkFest is streaming live all day. Watch ThinkFest here. Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic Inga Saffron has written about the city’s changing skyline for 16 years. Today, she says, […]

City Life

ThinkFest Recap: Buzz Bissinger Calls Chip Kelly a “Fraud”

Eagles coach Chip Kelly is a “fraud,” Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger said during a Friday morning appearance at ThinkFest. “I hate that fucker. […]


ThinkFest Recap: Jerry Sweeney Says Changing Philly’s Tax Code Will Boost Job Growth

ThinkFest is streaming live all day. Watch ThinkFest here. Jerry Sweeney wants big-time changes to Philadelphia’s tax code — and says it will spark much-needed job growth […]


ThinkFest Recap: Farah Jimenez on How Bleeding Hearts Hurt Those They Mean to Help

ThinkFest is streaming live all day. Watch ThinkFest here. Within the very liberal city of Philadelphia, there’s the still more-liberal world of the non-profit sector; within […]


ThinkFest Recap: Todd Carmichael — The Coffee Revolution Starts in Philly

ThinkFest is streaming live all day. Watch ThinkFest here. As usual, La Colombe Torrefaction CEO Todd Carmichael was a ball of coffee-fueled energy on Friday morning. During his session at ThinkFest […]