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City Life

ThinkFest Recap: 4 Takeaways From Eric Goldstein on the Revenge of the Suburbs

  When it comes to reports of millennials abandoning suburbs for cities, don’t believe the hype, King of Prussia District (KOP-BID) executive director Eric Goldstein […]

City Life

ThinkFest Recap: 3 Takeaways From Otis Bullock Jr. on Generational Poverty

Otis Bullock Jr. still remembers the first time he understood the depths of the poverty that he was born into in North Philadelphia. It was 1996, […]

City Life

ThinkFest Recap: Allan Domb’s Three Steps to Righting the City’s Finances

On Tuesday afternoon, City Councilman and real estate man Allan Domb took to the stage at Philly Mag’s ThinkFest to do what he does best: […]

City Life

ThinkFest Recap: 3 Takeaways From Jeff Yass on School Vouchers

Jeff Yass is a stock trader in the Philadelphia suburbs. He is a board member of the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank. He has […]


ThinkFest Recap: 5 Takeaways From Apu Gupta on Philly’s Tech Scene

Unicorns are overrated. That’s according to Curalate CEO Apu Gupta. His startup may one day be valued at a billion dollars, but Gupta, in conversation with […]


ThinkFest: Fried Chicken And Kale Smoothies

Today at Thinkfest, we put Nicole Marquis (HipCityVeg), Justin Rosenberg (Honeygrow) and Steve Cook (Federal Donuts, Dizengoff)–three of the most successful fast-casual operators in the […]

City Life

Everything You Need to Know for ThinkFest Today

It’s finally here: ThinkFest 2016 starts now. Ticket holders are in for a day of networking, storytelling, conversing, innovating and more – and it’s all kicking off this […]

City Life

ThinkFest Preview: Kathryn Ott Lovell on Parks as the Key to Philly’s Future

Are parks the key to Philadelphia’s future? They’ve certainly been key to its past, saysKathryn Ott Lovell, commissioner of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. And investing […]

City Life

Last Chance for ThinkFest Tickets

The editors and marketing team of Philly Mag spend about a year planning ThinkFest. We recognized — all the way back in 2015 — that our […]


ThinkFest Preview: Stephen Tang on the Power of Immigrant Entrepreneurs

While some argue that America has an immigration problem, others see immigration as the country’s greatest economic promise. Despite representing just 13 percent of the population, […]


ThinkFest Preview: Allan Domb on Getting Our Money’s Worth Out of City Hall

In case you didn’t know this, the City of Philadelphia is a corporation. Running it more like one would redound to taxpayers’ benefit, says City […]


Thinkfest Preview: Inside Philly’s Quick Serve Revolution

We here at Foobooz have been infatuated with the quick-serve revolution for some time now. As booming as Philadelphia’s restaurant scene is, for every white table […]


ThinkFest Preview: Asa Khalif on the Black Lives Matter Movement

Critics of Black Lives Matter haven’t been shy in airing their skepticism of the movement. Where is their agenda? Where is their inclusiveness? How is […]

City Life

ThinkFest Preview: Jeffrey Yass on School Choice

Jeffrey Yass may be best known in Philadelphia as the suburban stock trader who, along with his two business partners, donated heavily to a pro-Tony Williams […]

City Life

ThinkFest Preview: Eric Goldstein on the Urban(e) Suburb

While much has been written about Millennials’ love affair with the city, research conducted by the National Association of Realtors and others indicates that once […]