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Fired Philly CIO Says He Was Told City IT Department Was “Too White”

This story has been updated with a statement from the Mayor’s Office. Less than three months after he was ousted from his position as chief […]

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Philly’s Soda Tax: When Will Kenney — or Council — Fix This Hot Mess?

It’s hard to shake the feeling sometimes that Philadelphia’s beverage tax is the slowest governmental bait-and-switch in history. Back in 2016, as the possible spoils […]

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JFK and Market Street Are Getting Protected Bike Lanes

Two of the busiest roads in Philadelphia are getting protected bike lanes. Over the weekend, officials announced nine-month pilot project to increase street safety on John […]

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Kenney Wants a More Diverse School Board Nominee List

Last month, the city’s school board nominating panel presented Mayor Jim Kenney with 27 nominees for Philly’s brand-new Board of Education. But Kenney, who will choose the board’s nine […]

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City Council on Kenney’s Budget Proposal: We’ll Get Back to You

Mayor Jim Kenney presented his annual budget proposal on Thursday. The main sticking point will likely be a tax package to help fund the School District […]

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To Pay for Schools, Kenney Proposes Property, Real Estate Tax Hikes

When Mayor Jim Kenney promised in November to cover the nearly $1 billion deficit that the School District of Philadelphia is expected to accrue over […]

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New England Town Drapes Giant Eagles Flag Over Its Rocky Statue

Remember when Mayor Jim Kenney refused to make a bet with the mayor of Minneapolis before the NFC championship game? And when he said there […]

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If Opioids Are a Public Health Crisis, Let’s Admit the Crack Epidemic Was Too

Growing up, I was taught that people addicted to drugs were criminals who should be jailed for their poor judgment. This was in the ’90s, […]


Kenney: Philly’s “New” Businesses Don’t Talk About Taxes

Philadelphia eagerly submitted its bid for Amazon’s second headquarters back in October, and, since then, the mayor’s schedule has been peppered with visits to local […]

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Mayor Kenney Should Embrace the Republican Tax Plan

I’m a fan of Jim Kenney’s and voted for him. But on taxes, we are not on the same page. That’s because I believe, unlike […]

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Philly Doesn’t Want to Tell You What It Promised Amazon for HQ2

From New Jersey: $7 billion in tax incentives. From Chicago: $1.32 billion in workers’ income taxes. From Chula Vista, California: 85 acres of land, worth $100 million, […]

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School Reform Commission Votes to End Itself

The contentious School Reform Commission voted to disband itself on Thursday night. The long-anticipated decision will have a significant impact on Philly and its schools: The […]

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Thinkfest Preview: Mayor Kenney and Josh Shapiro Take On Trump

It’s safe to say that Mayor Jim Kenney and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro are no fans of President Donald Trump, now 287 days into […]

philly schools excessive heat warning
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Kenney Pushes to End SRC, Bring Local Control to Philly Schools

Mayor Jim Kenney is finally choosing a side in the debate over the contentious School Reform Commission. On Thursday, Kenney will publicly push to abolish […]


Scannapieco Officially Finishes 500 Walnut

Perhaps the person most surprised at pulling off the feat that is 500 Walnut is Tom Scannapieco himself. His goal, he told the assembled audience […]