Tom McGrath

Tom McGrath, Chief Content and Strategy Officer of MetroCorp

Tom McGrath is the Chief Content and Strategy Officer of MetroCorp, publisher of Boston and Philadelphia magazines. McGrath was previously the editor-in-chief of Philadelphia magazine.

jerry blavat
City Life

Jerry Blavat on Sinatra, the Mob, and the Music That Connects Us

A finger-snapping, tale-telling, slightly exhausting encounter with the legendary DJ as he prepares to celebrate his 80th birthday and 60 years in radio.

mark zandi
City Life

Economist Mark Zandi Likes the Stimulus, but Says Trump Is “Uniquely Unprepared” to Lead

And that trade war with China? It’s sure not helping now.

philadelphia tourism
City Life

Philly Tourism Leader: Some City Hotels Will Be “Suspending Operations”

Visit Philadelphia CEO Jeff Guaracino says the hit to Philly’s tourism sector from coronavirus is “massive.”

City Life

Will Philly Hospitals Be Overwhelmed by Coronavirus?

More cases are definitely coming, but it’s too soon to tell whether we’ll be more like South Korea (good) or Italy (disaster).

malcolm jenkins interview
City Life

Eagles Leader Malcolm Jenkins on Race, Justice, and His New Filmmaking Career

Aggressive on the field, Malcolm Jenkins is soft-spoken and thoughtful off of it — and willing to talk about everything from the challenges that black men in America face to the love he still has for football.

philadelphia corruption
City Life

Philadelphia is the Worst City for Politics

Once upon a time, we were the best city for politics — and there’s nothing sadder than a has-been.

City Life

What’s Worse Than Jim Kenney Trying to Squelch Press Freedom? Having His Team Lie About It

The restrictive press policy that kicked off a dispute between Philly Mag and the administration? The city’s top lawyer now claims it never existed.

City Life

Why Philly Mag Is Fighting the Kenney Administration’s Attempt to Undermine a Free Press

The administration doesn’t have to like everything we write about them, but that doesn’t mean they’re free to play fast and loose with the First Amendment.

teenage anxiety
City Life

Teenagers Are More Stressed Than Ever. Who’s to Blame?

In Philly, well-off adolescents are experiencing a level of anxiety that’s unprecedented.

City Life

It’s Time to Call B.S. on Innovation

Maybe technological advancement isn’t always a good thing.

City Life

One Day in Philly: Stephen Klasko, Jefferson CEO

Reimagining health care, building empires and, well, talking fashion with the endlessly driven Jefferson leader.


I Love My Job: Stephen Starr on Creativity and Listening to Your Instincts

The restaurateur opens up about the challenges of getting big, his favorite project of all time, and more.

City Life

A Conversation With Doug Pederson, the Greatest Coach on Earth

Philly fans, emotional intelligence, self-doubt, and what it feels like to win a freaking Super Bowl.

malcolm jenkins chris long philadelphia eagles
City Life

How Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Long Made a Difference

philadelphia eagles fans family t
City Life

Does Your Brood Bleed as Green as This Three-Generation Eagles Family?

The Del Fabbro family on raising kids right.