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If Opioids Are a Public Health Crisis, Let’s Admit the Crack Epidemic Was Too

Growing up, I was taught that people addicted to drugs were criminals who should be jailed for their poor judgment. This was in the ’90s, […]

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WATCH: Mayor Kenney Responds to Your Mean Tweets

Being a political figure in the social media age must be rough. Before, when critics spoke badly of you, it always remained behind closed doors. […]


Kenney: Philly’s “New” Businesses Don’t Talk About Taxes

Philadelphia eagerly submitted its bid for Amazon’s second headquarters back in October, and, since then, the mayor’s schedule has been peppered with visits to local […]

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Mayor Kenney Should Embrace the Republican Tax Plan

I’m a fan of Jim Kenney’s and voted for him. But on taxes, we are not on the same page. That’s because I believe, unlike […]

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Philly Doesn’t Want to Tell You What It Promised Amazon for HQ2

From New Jersey: $7 billion in tax incentives. From Chicago: $1.32 billion in workers’ income taxes. From Chula Vista, California: 85 acres of land, worth $100 million, […]

philly schools excessive heat warning
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School Reform Commission Votes to End Itself

The contentious School Reform Commission voted to disband itself on Thursday night. The long-anticipated decision will have a significant impact on Philly and its schools: The […]

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Thinkfest Preview: Mayor Kenney and Josh Shapiro Take On Trump

It’s safe to say that Mayor Jim Kenney and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro are no fans of President Donald Trump, now 287 days into […]

philly schools excessive heat warning
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Kenney Pushes to End SRC, Bring Local Control to Philly Schools

Mayor Jim Kenney is finally choosing a side in the debate over the contentious School Reform Commission. On Thursday, Kenney will publicly push to abolish […]

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Philly Police to Roll Out Safer Patrol Cars, More Body Cameras

On the same day that WHYY revealed the Philadelphia Police Department’s plan to outfit each of its 4,000 officers with body-worn cameras, Mayor Kenney’s Office […]


Scannapieco Officially Finishes 500 Walnut

Perhaps the person most surprised at pulling off the feat that is 500 Walnut is Tom Scannapieco himself. His goal, he told the assembled audience […]

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OPINION: Philly NAACP President Should Resign Over Paid Soda-Tax Lobbying

When the Inquirer reported last week that Philadelphia NAACP chapter president Rodney Muhammad had been paid by a PR firm working for a “dark money” […]

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One Year Ago Today, the ICandy N-Word Video Rocked the Gayborhood

On September 29th, 2016, a video surfaced of ICandy owner Darryl DePiano referring to a former black employee and patrons as “niggers” repeatedly. Here’s the cringeworthy […]

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Here’s Mayor Kenney’s Plan to Save the Planet

After President Donald Trump made public his desire to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, Mayor Jim Kenney responded in kind by […]

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All Those Philly Soda Tax Ads Cost $5.4 Million This Year

Mayor Kenney sure hit a nerve with his soda tax, didn’t he? Even before the law went on the books last year, a public relations war […]

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OPINION: The City Tolerates the FOP’s Lack of Respect for Black Lives

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” […]