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Let’s Hope Kenney’s Renewed Focus on Black Issues Isn’t Just Pandering (Again)

Diversity is the new Black. Over the weekend, Mayor Jim Kenney officially announced he was running for reelection in a two-minute video posted on social […]

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Mayor Kenney, Where Is the Call for Bobby Henon to Step Down?

As an experienced politician, Mayor Jim Kenney should know by now that when it comes to holding political figures accountable, consistency is the key to […]

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Scenes From the Campaign Trail: That Time Jewell Williams Held a Ladies Night

“Jewell’s been having a bad day.” I had just arrived at Champagne Cafe, a lounge on East Chelten Avenue in North Philly, around 7:40 on […]

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Mayor Kenney Announces New Gun Violence Prevention Initiative

At a City Hall press conference on Thursday afternoon, Mayor Jim Kenney announced a new set of initiatives aimed to curb gun violence in Philadelphia. The policy […]

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Jim Kenney Is the Most Ambitious Mayor Philly Has Ever Had. Why Doesn’t Anyone Know That?

A few hours into a day with Jim Kenney this fall, feeling a little desperate, I go to Lou Mfum-Mensah, an assistant who guides the […]

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Black Clergy Soda Tax Criticism Leaves Wide Opening for a Kenney Challenger

In case you missed it, something epic happened last week that could possibly shake up next year’s mayoral race. On November 26th, 20 local Black clergy leaders […]

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The Looming DROP Apocalypse

He was the only son of the Big Bambino, but even that couldn’t save him from the political firestorm over DROP. Seven years ago, Frank […]

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The Mayor, the Rapist, and the Fear of the Sanctuary City

Last week, Mayor Jim Kenney became Public Enemy Number One of the anti-sanctuary city alt-right, Fox News, columnists like Stu Bykofsky, and even some generally […]

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Kenney Must Be Dizzy From All the 180-Degree Turns He’s Pulling

“What the hell is going on in City Hall?” I yelled at my laptop last week. Like many socially conscious residents of the city, I […]

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Police: 2 Boys Placed Black Doll Hanging From Noose in Park as Prank

The black doll found hanging from a noose in a Queen Village playground on Thursday was placed there as a prank by two preteen boys […]

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Soda Tax Haters: You Still Have One Fighting Chance

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld the legality of Philadelphia’s controversial “soda tax” on Wednesday, leaving legislation as the only remaining option for opponents to strike […]

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The New Philadelphia Board of Education Holds First Public Meeting

The Philadelphia Board of Education is officially in business. The board held its first public meeting on Monday evening, roughly three months after its nine […]

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Kenney, Clarke Denounce Proposal to Replace Philly’s Soda Tax

With lawmakers in Harrisburg busy discussing options to eliminate Philadelphia’s tax on soda and other sugary beverages, Mayor Kenney and City Council President Darrell Clarke […]

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Philly and Feds Vow No Compromise in Sanctuary City Case

A federal judge’s attempt at striking what he saw as a fair compromise in Philadelphia’s sanctuary city lawsuit has been rebuffed by both city officials […]

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Federal Judge Proposes Compromise in Philly’s Sanctuary City Lawsuit

The Trump and Kenney administrations remain at an impasse in their heated legal debate over Philadelphia’s designation as a sanctuary city and what that means […]