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death penalty marc bookman
City Life

Meet the Philly Lawyer on a Mission to End the Death Penalty

Marc Bookman’s new book, A Descending Spiral: Exposing the Death Penalty in 12 Essays, reveals the atrocities of death row and the broken system that puts defendants on trial for their lives.

josh shapiro
City Life

Is This the Moment Josh Shapiro Has Been Waiting For?

The attorney general and Montco native has plans to run for governor of Pennsylvania in 2021. Is his style too old-school for this modern age—or is it the only way to get things done in this state?

City Life

Inside the Fight to Abolish Police in Philadelphia

YahNé Ndgo and other local activists have been advocating for years to get police out of Black communities. Now, is the rest of the city ready to listen?

1980 phillies
City Life

The Year We Won It All: An Oral History of the 1980 Phillies

Forty years ago this month, an underachieving Phillies team gave a skeptical, down-on-its-luck city something it hadn’t seen in half a century: a World Series championship.

bill mcswain
City Life

U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain Is Proof That, One Way or Another, Trumpism Will Live on Past the Election

The crusading federal prosecutor is a stickler for the rule of law — except, apparently, when it comes to those at the very top.

Scott Knowles
City Life

Scott Gabriel Knowles Is on a Quest to Understand What the Pandemic Reveals About Americans

In his daily livestream interviews, the Drexel University disaster expert talks to officials and researchers who are trying, like he is, to understand how America can evolve.

bridgeton new jersey
City Life

Land of Hope and Dreams

The troubling disappearance of young Dulce Maria Alavez has obscured a very different story about the South Jersey town of Bridgeton: how Mexican immigrants are breathing new life into it. 

tom wolf coronavirus response
City Life

Tom Wolf’s Leadership Style Was Made for This Moment

He’s infuriated some of his critics on the right, but Pennsylvania’s deliberate, reasonable governor is providing calm in the middle of this storm.

pat toomey
City Life

Pat Toomey Defends Impeachment Vote, Says He’ll Support Trump in November

It’s possible the senator has come away from the sorry episode unscathed. It’s also possible that he’s created a long-term problem for himself.

ed rendell
City Life

Ed Rendell Still Has a Few Things to Say

The former mayor and governor weighs in on his Parkinson’s, #MeToo and where the Democratic Party lost its way.

City Life

Is Brett Brown the Right Coach to Lead Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid to a Championship?

He’s obsessed with helping turn his young stars into great people as well as great players. Sixers fans? They just want to win.

kyle horner eagles pastor
City Life

Meet the Cherry Hill Pastor Who Hears the Eagles’ Prayers

rhynhart kenney
City Life

Rhynhart vs. Kenney: Inside the Most Contentious Relationship in City Hall

Rebecca Rhynhart’s critics — including the mayor — see her as a grandstanding opportunist. Her supporters see her as the breath of fresh air Philly politics needs.

daylin leach
City Life

The Senator Says He’s Not a Rapist

Daylin Leach’s accusers call him a monster. He calls their charges lies.

mary gay scanlon
City Life

Can Mary Gay Scanlon and D.C.’s New Wave of Female Voices Derail the Trump Train?

The Philly lawyer-turned-Congressional newcomer is doing her best to find out.