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Robert Huber

rhynhart kenney
City Life

Rhynhart vs. Kenney: Inside the Most Contentious Relationship in City Hall

Rebecca Rhynhart’s critics — including the mayor — see her as a grandstanding opportunist. Her supporters see her as the breath of fresh air Philly politics needs.

daylin leach
City Life

The Senator Says He’s Not a Rapist

Daylin Leach’s accusers call him a monster. He calls their charges lies.

mary gay scanlon
City Life

Can Mary Gay Scanlon and D.C.’s New Wave of Female Voices Derail the Trump Train?

The Philly lawyer-turned-Congressional newcomer is doing her best to find out.

end-of-life care
City Life

Who Am I to Decide How Long My Ninetysomething Mother Lives?

One Philadelphian’s deeply personal struggle with an aging parent’s end-of-life care.

City Life

Asa Khalif Is Running for Philadelphia City Council. Is City Council Ready for Him?

In November, Asa Khalif announced his candidacy — and he might just have a shot.

City Life

Jim Kenney Is the Most Ambitious Mayor Philly Has Ever Had

Why doesn’t anyone know that?

City Life

Has Temple University Lost Its Way?

The university finds itself stumbling from one leadership crisis to the next. Does Temple know what it wants to be?

spark therapeutics pharmaceutical start up

Philly’s Spark Therapeutics Is Revolutionizing Medicine

But can the CHOP-backed start-up revolutionize the city’s economy, too?

City Life

Meet Mike Newall, Poet Laureate of the Opioid Epidemic

The Inquirer columnist has a simple mission: to make sure you don’t look the other way.

City Life

The Badass Days of Boring Bob Casey

He was the U.S. senator nobody noticed. Then came Donald Trump.

City Life

The Court Jester of Philly Pot Isn’t Smiling Anymore

N.A. Poe helped make Philly a great weed town. Then things got weird.

City Life

Jeffrey Lurie’s Long, Strange Trip

After more than two decades, the Eagles owner is still searching.

City Life

Bill Cosby On Trial

How, if his scores of accusers are to be believed, did one of America’s most iconic entertainers hide his dark side for five decades?


Is King of Prussia the New Promised Land?

KOP and the quest to make the suburbs hip.

City Life

Mike Rossi’s Endless Marathon

The Internet made Mike Rossi famous — right before it ruined his life.