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Gritty isn’t just a mascot. Sure, this seven-foot-tall furry orange creature with googly eyes excites and entertains a crowd of rowdy hockey fans and cheers on the Philadelphia Flyers. But it’s also a household name and a beloved homegrown celebrity among Philadelphians, who claimed Gritty as their own shortly after the orange fuzzball debuted in 2018. Because while the Flyers may have set out to create a mascot, they started a revolution. So follow along as we keep an eye on what every Philadelphian’s favorite mascot is up to. Whether Gritty is paying tribute to iconic Philadelphians, streaking at the Linc, or running an impressive social media game, we’re watching.

gritty frank rizzo mural
City Life

And Now, There’s a Petition to Replace the Frank Rizzo Mural With Gritty

We promise that one day, probably in the not-too-distant future, we will publish our final article about Gritty, the Flyers mascot who went from a […]

trump protests
City Life

Anti-Trump Protests Have Become A Huge Joke

On Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of Philadelphians caused traffic, wore costumes, made lots of noise, and carried colorful signs across Center City. No, it wasn’t a […]

gritty trump protest
City Life

Gritty Signs Galore: Scenes From the Trump Protest in Philly

Donald Trump is in Philadelphia on Tuesday to speak at the annual National Electrical Contractors Association gathering at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. There are road […]

septa mascot gritty
City Life

After Gritty, SEPTA Wants Its Own Damn Mascot

Well, here we are. We thought would make it through a day without another Gritty-related post, even after we saw the new Gritty-inspired cheesesteaks and […]

City Life

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: The Flyers’ Funky New Friend

There once was a mascot named Gritty Whose arrival made waves through the city. The internet split On the optics of it: Is Big Orange […]

gritty jimmy fallon
City Life

Because of Course Gritty Was On Jimmy Fallon Last Night

We know, we know. We’ve written a lot about Gritty since his debut on Monday. (This is actually our fourth Gritty-related piece, if you’re counting.) But […]

gritty tweets
City Life

10 Tweets That Prove Gritty Is Better at the Internet Than You

Philly is still somewhat divided on the new Flyers mascot, Gritty. We all can agree that he (it?) is frightening. And yet some of us […]

City Life

Gritty Gets a Beer Named After Him: Nightmare Fuel

Philadelphia is clearly still divided over whether or not the new Flyers mascot is exactly what the city needs — the next Phanatic —or Satan’s […]

mascot gritty flyers mascots
City Life

Who’s Got the Worst Mascot: The Flyers or the Please Touch Museum?

When the Flyers unveiled their new mascot on Monday morning, Philadelphia collectively shrieked — and for most of us, these were yelps of terror. Join us in welcoming […]