Here Is a Gritty Wedding Cake Because It Was Only a Matter of Time

Proof Gritty really does make ANYTHING better.

If you are surprised by this headline, well, why are you surprised by this headline? Gritty’s been on protest signs. There’s already a beer named after him. He’s being requested as a Halloween costume. There’s even a petition to replace the Frank Rizzo mural with his fuzzy orange mug. Why wouldn’t there be a Gritty wedding cake?

According to Fox29, Lansdowne bake shop Kia’s Cakes & Cafe created the confection for Flyers-loving couple Catherine Coll and Michael Bair. It was first brought to national attention by Gwen Snyder on Twitter.

In cake form, Gritty’s beard isn’t quite as long—which is smart, as no one needs that much frosting—but that ridiculous grin is just as big. He kinda looks like an orange Cookie Monster, and that is really not a bad look.

We’re still waiting to for a call back from Kia’s to hear what the official flavor choice was, but really, shouldn’t all Gritty wedding cakes be orange chocolate going forward? Though, as features editor Brian Howard points out, Funfetti also feels wholly appropriate. Or, according to Foobooz digital contributor Alex Jones, maybe Cheeto is the way to go. (How does one make a Cheeto cake?)

Anyways, better get your order in for Thanksgiving now, as the Gritty wedding cake is undoubtedly going to make an appearance at dozens of Philly households this holiday. Apologies in advance to your mom when no one eats her pumpkin pie.

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