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Gritty isn’t just a mascot. Sure, this seven-foot-tall furry orange creature with googly eyes excites and entertains a crowd of rowdy hockey fans and cheers on the Philadelphia Flyers. But it’s also a household name and a beloved homegrown celebrity among Philadelphians, who claimed Gritty as their own shortly after the orange fuzzball debuted in 2018. Because while the Flyers may have set out to create a mascot, they started a revolution. So follow along as we keep an eye on what every Philadelphian’s favorite mascot is up to. Whether Gritty is paying tribute to iconic Philadelphians, streaking at the Linc, or running an impressive social media game, we’re watching.

Things to Do

Tinseltown’s Holiday Lights Are Taking Over FDR Park. Here’s What to Expect

The first holiday season of the pandemic was dark. No family gatherings, no sitting on Santa’s lap (maybe that one wasn’t so bad), no traditional […]

City Life

Dispatches From Gritty’s Chaos Corner and More of What’s New at Wells Fargo Center

I’m a little dizzy, and there’s popcorn stuck in my hair. And now inflatable Gritty tubes have sprung up to flail about like we’re at […]

City Life

There’s a New Gritty Calendar, and You Must Buy It Immediately

Gritty, that resplendent, deranged monster who has brightened our lives for going on five years now, has turned Flyers games into performance art. He is […]

City Life

South Philly Artist Sells Anti-PPA Gritty Paintings to Pay Her Parking Tickets

Check phillymag.com each morning for the latest edition of Philly Today. And if you have a news tip for our hardworking Philly Mag reporters (or […]

theastroscheat.com is just one of many great Philadelphia-related domain names available
City Life

10 Philly Domain Names We Can’t Believe Are Still Available

The great thing about this job is that, sometimes, you get to spend your day going down ridiculous rabbit holes. And so, the other day, […]

gritty, who only got one write in vote for president of the united states in the philadelphia election results
City Life

Poor Gritty Only Got One Vote for President in Philly

Now that all of Donald Trump’s fraud claims regarding the Philadelphia election results have been debunked and Pennsylvania’s results have been certified, we can start […]

team gritty
City Life

How Gritty (and His Entourage) Made it Okay to Laugh Again

This article was published as part of our list of the 76 most influential people in Philadelphia. See the full list here. When the pandemic […]

City Life

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Gritty’s Big Queer Eye Makeover

Oh, that we all had friends as devoted and loyal as the Phillie Phanatic, who recently, concerned about his good pal Gritty and hearing that […]

philly write in votes
City Life

Here Are All the Philly Write-In Votes From the November Election

Philadelphia’s new voting machines may have some issues (if you haven’t read this alarming New York Times story about what happened in Northampton County on […]

gritty 5K costumes
Be Well Philly

The Gritty 5K Was Yesterday, and the Costumes Were as Epic as You’d Expect

When the Gritty-themed run was announced as official a few months back, we were decidedly amped. This was a 5K we’d been looking forward to […]

gritty birthday
City Life

It Gritty’s Birthday!!!

When the Flyers unveiled their new mascot Gritty on September 24, 2018, the reaction was one of shock, disbelief, dread. Looking at it — this ghoulish, […]

gritty 5K
Be Well Philly

The Gritty 5K Is Coming

Judgment day is coming, Philadelphians. Not the one where we meet our maker but rather, the one where our internal monster kids come out to […]

City Life

Gritty Pays Tribute to 7 Iconic Philadelphians As Only Gritty Can

Dear Gritty: It me. Gritty. I’ve been writing this note in my head for a while, but it’s been hard to come up with just […]

City Life

Gritty’s March Madness Bracket Is Better Than Yours

According to statistics, the odds of filling out a perfect NCAA March Madness bracket are one in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. (That’s 9 quintillion and change, for the […]

City Life

What’s the Deal With Gritty’s Belly Button?

It should come as no surprise that Gritty’s belly button has attracted some level of fascination. For one thing, as Gritty is a mythic creature, it’s surprising […]