10 Tweets That Prove Gritty Is Better at the Internet Than You

Love or hate the new Flyers mascot, he — it? — has some real social media savvy.

gritty tweets

L: Photo via the Philadelphia Flyers | R: Photo via Twitter

Philly is still somewhat divided on the new Flyers mascot, Gritty.

We all can agree that he (it?) is frightening. And yet some of us find his more, shall we say, “unsettling” qualities endearing, or even … appropriate for the city. (These are the kinds of people who make and drink craft beer dedicated to him.) Others never want to see or go near him.

No matter which category you fall into (I personally went from being utterly terrified to completely captivated), you’re probably tuned into the social media chatter about Gritty, which is really quite amusing. And one thing’s for sure: Gritty knows how to win the Internet — probably better than you do. Here are 10 tweets/moments that prove it.

When Gritty acknowledged the backlash, but stayed positive…

Let’s be real: Gritty knows that everyone feels a little weird about him. He’s not going to pretend he’s not seeing it. He’s just waiting for us to calm down about it (and come around to him). Until then, he’ll wait and keep doing his thing.

…And made it clear that, like much of Philly, he won’t let haters stand in his way.

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That includes Pennsylvania’s other NHL team.

And the NHL itself. 


At the same time, we appreciated when Gritty remained humble and recognized his … blunders. 

Maybe he tested out a few of the Nightmare Fuel craft brews before his first game? Either way, we’re willing to give him another shot on the ice.

Because he has Philly’s back. 

Congratulations, Gritty. You officially won (most of) our trust.

And he’s ready to be part of the team.


He’s even willing to hear out the rest of the world, include the non-Philadelphians who dissed him.

He is pro-world. How cultured.

After all, he’s a celebrity — he knew how to get Twitter’s attention to verify it. (Read: He can get things done.) 

And apparently he can “break the internet” better than Kim K.