10 Philly Domain Names We Can’t Believe Are Still Available

Alas, is already taken. But Go get it!

an anti-Houston Astros domain name

Think the Astros cheat? This domain name is for you (image via GoDaddy)

The great thing about this job is that, sometimes, you get to spend your day going down ridiculous rabbit holes. And so, the other day, I went down a rabbit hole of Philadelphia-related domain names.

It all started when I was looking for a domain name for a music project I’m working on. And I was shocked to find that a simple, catchy domain name perfect for my project was available.

So then I started punching in various Philly domain names that should be taken. And in most cases, they were. But there were some surprising availabilities, which I chronicle below.

It’s worth noting that both and are unavailable but also undeveloped. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if a savvy staffer (or maybe the Kras himself) scooped up those domains lest they be used by some of his mortal enemies. (Also, I was surprised to see that wasn’t already taken, so my colleague registered it for me and directed that link here.)

Given our newfound hatred for the Houston Astros, I feel it is my avowed duty as a true Philadelphian to note that is also available. I’m sure if you spend ten minutes, you can find all sorts of anti-Astros domains available.

If only.

A tribute to the 2022 Phillies, 2022 Union, 2004 Eagles, 2001 Sixers, 1987 Flyers, and all the other Philly sports teams in history that almost made it.

The infamous Donald Trump quote spawned an entire series of artwork and clothing and has become part of our mythos, like No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care. (Sorry, the Jason Kelce quote is taken as a domain.)

A list of 20 or so things a real Philadelphian should never do.

A little convoluted to type in all those dashes, but still.

With all the national press and all the Gritty love out there, nobody thought to register Great name for a Gritty merch website, licensed or not.

An excellent name for a website that would troll Philly meteorologists all winter long.

A time-honored Philadelphia tradition.

How has nobody at Acme come up with this yet?

All sites were available at the time of publication for anywhere from $1 to $3 for the first year, depending on which domain registry you use.