There’s a New Gritty Calendar, and You Must Buy It Immediately

Stare into those googly orange eyes for 12 months straight.

Gritty calendar

The new Gritty calendar is a fever dream come true. / Photography courtesy of the Flyers

Gritty, that resplendent, deranged monster who has brightened our lives for going on five years now, has turned Flyers games into performance art. He is id personified. He is the best of us, and he is the worst of us.

And in an exciting announcement today, the Philadelphia Flyers and Flyers Charities have introduced the first-ever Gritty calendar. That’s right — 366 days of Gritty, because 2024 is a leap year. Thanks, solar system!

The unique 12-month calendar not only showcases the beloved Flyers mascot in a series of specially themed outfits and costumes; it includes personally handwritten notes and reminders from none other than Gritty himself. It also includes the Flyers’ 2024 schedule.

Gritty calendar

Leprechaun Gritty poses for March in the new calendar.

You guys.

I can’t. Even. Handle. This.

The Gritty calendar sees him dressed as Gritty Claus, reprising his role as Betsy Ross first seen in our epic Best of Philly 2019 photo shoot, and also features a special appearance by Flyers left-winger Nicolas Deslauriers and his family in a Halloween-themed photo shoot for the month of October. “My kids are big Gritty fans, and when the opportunity came around to get dressed up and have a photo shoot, we were excited to get involved,” said Deslauriers.

Gritty calendar

His job is beach.

In case staring into those googly orange eyes for 12 months straight isn’t enough of an incentive for you, all proceeds from the Gritty calendar will go directly to Flyers Charities, supporting their mission of giving back to the Greater Philadelphia region through their initiatives: assisting local families affected by cancer, promoting the growth of hockey, and advocating for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Gritty calendar

Gritty Claus

Of course, Gritty couldn’t resist commenting on his debut calendar. “Greased up fire fighters have been real quiet since they found out I was getting into the calendar game,” he said in a press release. “It doesn’t matter where you hang it. What matters is that I did a good thing for charity, and you have an opportunity to do a great thing for charity when you buy it. That being said, please hang it in a temperature-controlled, dehumidified environment with proper ventilation and no direct sunlight. This baby’s gotta last you all year.”

The Gritty calendar is available for purchase for $25, exclusively at