20 Photos of People (and Dogs) Dressed Up as Gritty for Halloween

Who said anyone needs an "official" Gritty costume?

gritty halloween costumes

Gritty Halloween costumes via @muttcitybitch (L) and @ky_lian92

Philadelphia’s love for Gritty knows no limits. Would it be thwarted, this Halloween, by the mere lack of an official, Flyers-approved Gritty costume? No. Absolutely not.

This is Philadelphia, the land of making do with what we have, so it should surprise absolutely no one that our Halloweekend saw homemade Gritty costumes galore. And yes, that includes Gritty dog costumes.

Because we’ve already written, like, way too much about Gritty, we’re just going to cut to the point and present photos of the costumes here, below the image of Gritty’s very own Halloween costume: A bubble bath.

Here you go, readers. The best Gritty costumes worn by dogs, humans and one cat.

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What up tho #gritty

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“It meee” #gritty @nhl

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