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Election 2020

city commissioner al schmidt
City Life

City Commissioner Al Schmidt, Hero of the 2020 Election, Is Ready to Call It Quits

When Al Schmidt first ran for city commissioner in 2011, seeking one of the three seats in charge of Philly’s elections, he probably never thought […]

City Life

2020 in Review: These Are the People and Things I’m Grateful For in a Challenging Year

While stocking up on last-minute groceries at Whole Foods this week, I got my privilege checked. As I was wrapping up a call, I began […]

gritty, who only got one write in vote for president of the united states in the philadelphia election results
City Life

Poor Gritty Only Got One Vote for President in Philly

Now that all of Donald Trump’s fraud claims regarding the Philadelphia election results have been debunked and Pennsylvania’s results have been certified, we can start […]

City Life

Another PA Republican Tests Positive for COVID, This Time Mid-Meeting with Trump

Nothing is ever surprising these days, so the news that a delegation of conspiracy-theorizing elected representatives from Pennsylvania descended on the White House to meet […]

City Life

A Pennsylvania Judge Absolutely Eviscerated Trump’s Last-Ditch Election Lawsuit

The Trump clown car of hapless lawyers has officially concluded its tour of the Pennsylvania court system. Over the weekend, U.S. District Court judge Matthew […]

al schmidt
City Life

Al Schmidt Isn’t a “RINO.” And He Isn’t Hiding Corruption

In his escalating campaign to deny the inevitable — that Joe Biden has won both the popular vote and the requisite number of states to […]

a portion of a transcript in a Pennsylvania voter fraud lawsuit in which a Pennsylvania judge asks a Trump lawyer if there's actually any evidence of voter fraud
City Life

Trump Lawyer to Pennsylvania Judge: Nope, I’ve Got No Evidence of Voter Fraud

You’re probably aware that unsurprisingly sore loser Donald Trump has dispatched his attorneys across America in an effort to reverse the results of the election. […]

City Life

Yes, Biden Won. Now Can We Talk About How His Campaign Nearly Blew It in Philly?

After four years of anguish and anticipation, I can now finally say this in full confidence: Donald J. Trump, you’re fired. Joe Biden, a son […]

City Life

13 Winners and Losers From the 2020 General Election

Elections, as they say, have consequences. One such consequence: They produce winners and losers. Lots of them. Winner? Joe Biden. Loser? Donald Trump. Easy enough, […]

four seasons total landscaping
Be Well Philly

And Now, a Charity Run From Four Seasons Total Landscaping to the Four Seasons Hotel

Last week was … a lot. There was, of course, an election. There was a fight for democracy and decency. There were men with binoculars. […]

dancing mailboxes philadelphia
City Life

Meet the Philly Nonprofit Behind Those Viral Dancing Mailboxes

If you were paying any attention to social media late last week (I mean, who wasn’t?), you probably saw them: three impressively realistic-looking USPS mailboxes […]

City Life

The Most “Philly” Photos and Videos from the Philly Victory Party

In recent years, Philadelphia has played host to a massive Eagles Super Bowl celebration. And then there was the huge Phillies World Series parade. But […]

City Life

Joe Biden Wins Pennsylvania and the Presidency

Scranton native Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is projected to be the next president of the United States. On Saturday morning, the Associated Press, CNN, and […]

philly celebrates biden
City Life

As Biden Pulls Ahead, Philadelphia Celebrates

This morning, just before 9 a.m., votes for Joe Biden outpaced those for Donald Trump in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Before the latest tallies were […]

one of the philadelphia election watchers inside the pennsylvania convention center
City Life

Court Orders Philly to Allow Elections Watchers Within 6 Feet of Vote Counters

As Donald Trump’s chances for a second term would seem to be decreasing, what’s increasing are the lawsuits and other legal efforts brought by Trump […]