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Election 2020

City Life

Here’s What We Know About Pennsylvania Results So Far

Election Day gave way to Election Night, which has now given way to Election Day Two. We still do not know who has won the […]

joe biden in philadelphia on Election Day before the Pennsylvania election results started to be tallied
City Life

Biden Campaign Insists He Will Win Pennsylvania

As election workers continued counting Philadelphia votes inside the Convention Center on Wednesday, the morning after Donald Trump falsely declared himself the winner, the Joe […]

new jersey legalize marijuana
City Life

Good News: New Jersey Legalized Marijuana Last Night

While the outcome of the presidential race remains uncertain, we know one thing for sure: Weed is legal in New Jersey. Last night, residents overwhelmingly […]

City Life

Photos from Ground Zero: The Philly Vote Count

We always knew Philadelphia and the rest of Pennsylvania would play a pivotal role in determining the next President of the United States. Now that […]

City Life

The Philly Ballot-Counting Livestream Is Oddly Soothing

This whole democracy thing, it’s messy. Often needlessly so. Partisan bureaucrats have tried to slow down the mail so ballots will end up uncounted. Donald […]

2020 election results
City Life

5 Things to Watch for as Pennsylvania Election Day Results Trickle In

Well, folks, the countdown to Election Day is over. Hooray? Forgive us if we’re not quite feeling relieved. Because as one countdown ends, others begin: […]

a woman drops her pennsylvania mail in ballot into a dropbox outside of city hall, and now a lot of pennsylvania voters are confused about the status of their pennsylvania mail in ballots because of an outdated state website
City Life

If Your Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Status Was “Pending,” Check Again

Last week, I told you that a lot of voters have been confused about the status of their Pennsylvania mail-in ballots. This is because the […]

City Life

If Biden Wins the White House, Here’s What He Owes Philly

Election Day is finally here, and — as you may have heard somewhere — it all comes down to Pennsylvania. In 2016, Trump did what […]

Philadelphia voter Denise Pettus outside her polling place in West Philadelphia on Election Day
City Life

First in Line at the Polls, “Terrified” but Prepared

West Philadelphia resident Denise Pettus thought she was going to be the first person in line on Election Day. So when she showed up just […]

Philadelphia voters in 2020
City Life

Your Ultimate Guide to Voting in Philly on Election Day

It’s finally here. Election Day. And what’s about to happen is anybody’s guess. But some things, you can count on: There’s going to be confusion. […]

pennsylvania poll watchers
City Life

What Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Can (and Can’t) Do on Election Day

Have more Election Day questions? Find an answer in our ultimate guide here.  You’ve probably heard a lot of talk lately about poll watchers, especially […]

This is me dropping my Pennsylvania mail-in ballot into a secure dropbox at a Philadelphia satellite election office, less than 20 minutes after I walked inside to apply for it.
City Life

Trying to Check the Status of Your Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot? Good Luck With That

There’s a lot of anxiety and confusion right now over mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania. Most of us never used mail-in ballots before 2020, and now […]

City Life

The Latest Pennsylvania Polls Show Biden Ahead. Can You Believe Them?

On November 1, 2016, a week before the latest presidential election, Franklin & Marshall College released its final poll of Pennsylvania. A poll is but […]

election disinformation
City Life

A Troubling Number of PA Voters Believe in Bonkers Conspiracy Theories

From the department of “things that should concern you if you’re a citizen of a democratic polity that’s having an election in a few days,” […]

City Life

The 5 Things Philly Democrats Need to Do in the Final Week Before Election Day

It’s finally here: the last week of an unprecedented presidential election cycle. After months of mudslinging, some very unhinged televised debates, and a bizarre series […]