Samantha Spengler

Be Well Philly

I Call My Mom Twice a Week. Voluntarily.

Taking time out of my adult life to chat with my mother has helped me to slow down — and to appreciate the woman who raised me.

Be Well Philly

You, an Adult, Should Take a Music Class. Here’s Why.

John Francisco’s Bella Vista-based music program isn’t just for kids. Here, adults (with no experience) can learn an instrument, make friends and let loose.

screen time
Be Well Philly

How to Finally Break Your Phone Addiction This Year

Catherine Price, author of How to Break Up With Your Phone, with five tips for getting it right.

old-school boxing gyms
Be Well Philly

5 Old-School Boxing Gyms That Will Make You Feel Like Rocky

Boutique boxing is on the rise in Philly, but the discipline’s been around in a grittier fashion for much longer.

running historical streets
Be Well Philly

Running Down Philly’s Historical Streets Helped Me Fall in Love With the City

My evening jogs introduced me to the city I now call home.

philly pharmacies
Be Well Philly

Here’s What 4 Prescription Drugs Cost at Different Philly Pharmacies

We were shocked at the discrepancies.