As Biden Pulls Ahead, Philadelphia Celebrates

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Last night, Philadelphians dressed as mailboxes and Gritty at a protest-turned-dance party supporting the count of every ballot. Today, Philly celebrates Biden pulling ahead in Pennsylvania. Images courtesy Betsy Oliphant Ross

This morning, just before 9 a.m., votes for Joe Biden outpaced those for Donald Trump in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Before the latest tallies were released in Philadelphia, Delaware and Bucks counties this morning, the former vice president trailed by more than 18,000 votes. As of 12:30 pm, Biden leads the state by 9,746 votes.

As the state and its 20 electoral votes flipped to pale blue on the electoral map, indicating a Democratic lead, Philadelphians celebrated. The Inquirer’s Ellie Rushing captured a dance party on the streets of West Philadelphia:

Biden campaign worker Courtney Corbisiero spotted five revelers — including a pair of pint-size Biden supporters — celebrating on Broad Street.

The Daily Pennsylvanian’s Kylie Cooper captured the scene outside the Convention Center, where election workers continue to count every ballot.

Protesters came towing their own musical accompaniment, says the Inquirer’s Anna Orso.

This is the same spot where protests of “radical joy” erupted last night. The celebration featured line dances, free pizza and, yes, dancing mailboxes. Philadelphia magazine advertising director Besty Oliphant Ross captured this video:


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While Trump campaign staffers and his supporters are beginning to converge on the city, armed with both lawsuits and rage, the rest of the world wonders whether the interlopere prepared for a fight with a city that famously throws batteries at its own athletes. After all, Eagles fans have nothing to do this weekend.

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Philadelphians have seemed to grasp their city’s essential role in this election, watching throughout the week as their ballots were counted and Biden’s Pennsylvania numbers slowly ticked upward. The city that brought forth Rocky, Gritty, cheesesteaks and American freedom may just bring home a Democratic victory.