And Now, a Charity Run From Four Seasons Total Landscaping to the Four Seasons Hotel

The 11-mile Fraud Street Run will take place on November 29th.

four seasons total landscaping

The course of the Fraud Street Run starts at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping and ends at the Four Seasons hotel. Image courtesy Jeff Lyons

Last week was … a lot. There was, of course, an election. There was a fight for democracy and decency. There were men with binoculars. There were men with guns. There were dancing mailboxes. There was partying in the streets. There was a clear winner (even if someone is too delusional to admit it).

But you know what was a moment we won’t forget? A moment of poetic justice so absurd, we can’t help but laugh? (And keep laughing, maybe forever?)

The Four-Seasons-Hotel-Four-Seasons-Total-Landscaping mixup. (ICYMI, the Trump campaign booked the landscaping business for a press conference, which maybe would have been fine had President Trump not mistaken it for the swanky hotel, then tweeted the location out to his 88.9 million followers.)

And now, that moment will be commemorated by an 11-mile charity run from the Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Northeast Philly to the Four Seasons hotel in Center City.

Local marathon runner and Junk Miles With Chip & Jeff podcast co-host Jeff Lyons was chatting with friend and running coach Gerard Pescatore on Twitter when the idea for the run came to him.  “We just ran together on Sunday and I thought it would be fun to run to Four Seasons Total Landscaping and then a light went off … why not start or finish it at the Four Seasons Hotel?” says Lyons. “What Giuliani did was so crazy and hard to grasp, and with Trump bad-mouthing Philly, I thought it would be fun to turn it into something positive and raise some money for a good cause.”

Using the Map My Run program, Lyons says sketching out the 11-mile route between the two Four Seasons was easy. Now anyone can test out the route on Sunday, November 29th, when Lyons is hosting (and Junk Miles is sponsoring) the aptly-named “Fraud Street Run,” which will have a masked, socially-distanced version for those who want to run with others as well as a virtual option. While it’s a “100 percent unsanctioned run: no fees, no awards, no aid stations,” Lyons is asking that anyone who participates donate $10 or more to Philabundance and share their run selfies with the hashtag #FraudStreetRun.

Interested in joining and commemorating the ironic moment? Head over to Junk Miles’ website for more info and a link to donate.