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Five Questions You Should Ask Candidates Before Signing Their Petitions

Next Tuesday, March 12th, is the final deadline for candidates running in Philadelphia’s May 21st primary election to submit their petition signatures to get on […]

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The People Opposing Allan Domb’s Term Limits Bill Are the Best Reason to Pass It

Philadelphians could have a chance to cast the most radical ballot referendum vote in years during the May 21st primary election — if a self-interested City […]

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Omar Woodard on Why He’s Challenging 20-Year Incumbent Darrell Clarke

After years of working in the public sector, North Philly native Omar Woodard has officially announced his bid for City Council. The progressive millennial, who […]

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BBWC Co-Founder Charged in Jannie Blackwell Protest at City Council Meeting

Following the controversy surrounding a protest at City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell’s re-election campaign announcement in West Philadelphia on Tuesday night, an activist has now been […]

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Allan Domb Wants City Council Term Limits. His Colleagues Aren’t Fans.

Philadelphia City Council member Allan Domb wants fresher ideas — and colleagues. Domb introduced a bill this week to cap City Council members’ time in office to three […]

cashless store bill
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City Council’s Cashless Store Bill: Four Things to Know

City Council pushed back against the specter of Silicon Valley digitization on Thursday, passing a bill that would force stores to accept cash as a […]

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Katherine Gilmore Richardson Wants to Become Philly’s Youngest Black Council Member

In mid-January, longtime City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown announced that she would not be seeking re-election. Now, her former chief of staff, Katherine Gilmore Richardson, […]

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Here’s Why Jamie Gauthier Thinks She Can Defeat Longtime Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell

Last week, West Philly native Jamie Gauthier officially announced her bid for City Council in the 3rd District. A former executive director of the Fairmount […]

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Asa Khalif Is Running for Philadelphia City Council. Is City Council Ready for Him?

One November morning a little over a year ago, Asa Khalif and Ikey Raw paid a visit to the Philadelphia office of Josh Shapiro, the […]

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Blondell Reynolds Brown Will Not Seek a Sixth City Council Term

After being the only black woman to hold an at-large seat in City Council for 20 years, Blondell Reynolds Brown is not seeking re-election. In […]

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Longtime Social Justice Activist Erika Almirón Announces City Council Bid

Erika Almirón, a social justice activist, announced on Monday her bid for an at-large seat on Philadelphia City Council. Almirón says she is running on a progressive platform […]

darrell clarke property tax assessments
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Audit Claims City Botched Latest Property Tax Assessments

City Council is calling for a complete overhaul of leadership in the city agency tasked with overseeing property tax assessments. The push comes as City […]

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Sherrie Cohen Announces New City Council Run, This Time With a “Movement”

As candidates being to emerge for next spring’s Democratic primary for City Council, a familiar face is making a return. Social justice activist and political scion […]

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“This Is Us” Is Getting Philly So, So Wrong

Note: This article contains spoilers for recent episodes of This is Us. At the end of Tuesday’s fall finale episode of the popular NBC drama […]

asa khalif city council run
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Asa Khalif Says He’s Running for City Council

Most people who have run for City Council in Philadelphia have never put a Ku Klux Klan hood on the head of the Frank Rizzo […]