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Blondie Finds its Groove With Glitzy American-Bistro Camp

It’s easy to write about a restaurant that works, where every element clicks together. It’s easy to write about a shitshow, too. About panic or […]

Things to Do

New Details on Manayunk’s Upcoming “Social Club for Dogs”

We’ve got lots for pups to love in Philly: dog-friendly restaurants, hotels that let you order room-service filet mignon for your pampered pooch, even an […]

Things to Do

A New Haunted House Is Opening in Manayunk With a Grisly, Hurricane Ida-Related Backstory

Last September’s Hurricane Ida brought a flood of biblical proportions. Homes were destroyed, I-676 became a canal, a guy did a backflip in his underwear […]

Things to Do

Manayunk Is Throwing a Party, and All Your Dogs Are Invited

Calling all good boys and good girls: Manayunk is celebrating our four-legged friends on Saturday, August 20th, with Dog Day of Summer, an afternoon of […]

Be Well Philly

Philly’s First Zero-Proof Bar Is Opening in Manayunk

Across the country, zero-proof bars have been popping up, aiming to provide folks in recovery, those identifying as sober curious, or individuals who simply don’t […]


Just Listed: Riverside Townhouse in Manayunk

Generally speaking, living in Manayunk means living uphill from everything that attracts people from all over to the neighborhood. This means you get great exercise […]

house for sale manayunk renovated workingman's rowhouse exterior front

Just Listed: Renovated Workingman’s Rowhouse in Manayunk

There are those who say that Philadelphia is the most European of American cities. How they reach this conclusion mystifies me — until I take […]

house for sale manayunk new construction row exterior front

Just Listed: Large New Construction Rowhouse in Manayunk

You know what a modern Philadelphia rowhouse is supposed to look like, right? Certainly not like this. But this two-story Manayunk new construction rowhouse for […]

house for sale manayunk tudor exterior front entrance

Just Listed: Tudor Revival House in Roxborough

Just beyond Manayunk’s northwestern reaches, perched near the crest of one of the many steeply sloped streets that connect the riverside neighborhood to Roxborough, sits […]


“Instead of Laying Off Our Staff, We Opened Another Storefront”

It’s equally as fascinating as it is heartbreaking watching the ways in which restaurant, bar, bakery, and cafe owners are pivoting their businesses to cope […]

contemporary manayunk townhouse for sale exterior front

Just Listed: Contemporary Townhouse in Manayunk

One of the more commonly lamented design elements found on new Philadelphia rowhouses is the metal-clad bay-window box. Popular with builders because they give houses […]

manayunk freestanding house for sale exterior side

Just Listed: Freestanding House in Manayunk

A note to our readers: Even though real estate agents’ offices are closed under emergency orders in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, most of the area’s […]

manayunk neighborhood guide manayunk canal

Living in Manayunk: A Neighborhood Guide

So this is Manayunk. A classic Pennsylvania mill town that just happens to be located in Philadelphia. A place with the charm (and the verticality) […]

Be Well Philly

This New Manayunk Yoga Studio Wants to Provide a Haven for Those in Recovery

Robert and Arielle Ashford’s meet cute had more tinges of Washington, D.C., than Philly. The couple literally met at the White House, where Arielle was […]

PADELphia padel courts
Be Well Philly

You Can Try a New Racquet Sport in Manayunk This Summer

You’ve probably played tennis. You’ve almost definitely heard of pickleball. The game of squash most likely rings a bell. But padel? Never heard of it. Padel […]