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Marvel exhibit franklin institute
City Life

Superheroes Are Taking Over the Franklin Institute This April

Starring in a new Marvel exhibit showcasing 80 years of comic-book history: hand-drawn sketches of Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther costume.

Philly Accent SNL
City Life

Youse Guys, James McAvoy Has a Pretty Okay Philly Accent?

The Scottish actor hosted SNL last weekend and played an Eagles fan. Though we still prefer Tina Fey as our resident Iggles expert, thank you very much.

Amtrak flipboard
City Life

Amtrak’s 30th Street Train Board Has Flipped Its Last

For now, the iconic display is headed to a railroad museum — but an Amtrak official hinted at its possible return.

City Life

Union for News Staff at PMN Alleges Company Stiffed Members on Pensions

In 2015, Philadelphia Media Network claimed it was “out of the pension business.” Now, the NewsGuild says it has proof the publisher of the Inquirer and Philly.com has been funding a pension plan for Teamsters all along.

Street sweeping philadelphia
City Life

Why Is It So Damn Hard for Philly to Bring Back Street Sweeping?

We’ve gone from being street-cleaning pioneers during Ben Franklin’s time to the last major U.S. city without a comprehensive sweeping program.

City Life

Phillies Late Roy Halladay Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Roy Halladay may have started his career with the Toronto Blue Jays, but he was still one of ours.

robot northern liberties
City Life

Artist Behind Massive Robot Sculpture in NoLibs Insists It Comes in Peace

Philly doesn’t have a stellar hospitality history when it comes to robot visitors — just ask hitchBOT.

City Life

Raquel Salas Rivera on the Difference Between a Philadelphian and an American

Philly’s poet laureate has a new collection — and plenty to say about the state of America.

City Life

Mayor Kenney Announces New Gun Violence Prevention Initiative

The announcement comes on the heels of a year that saw the city’s highest homicide rate in more than a decade.

City Life

Will Winter Storm Harper Predict Where Bryce Harper Signs?

Social media forecasters say that wherever the storm, which is due to pass through both D.C. and Philly, dumps the most precipitation could be where the star Nationals free agent ends up this season.

City Life

PHL Bafflingly Named a Top 10 Airport by Well-Known Travel Rewards Site

Not surprising, then, that the writers were kind of cagey about the last time they were actually there.

City Life

Jeff Guaracino Takes the Reins at Visit Philly

The whiz gets his shot to run our tourism agency.

cheesesteak egg roll origin

Who the Hell Invented the Cheesesteak Egg Roll?

Uncovering the origin story of Philadelphia’s most far-reaching culinary export.

stephen fried journalist benjamin rush t
City Life

Stephen Fried on Our Other Big Ben

In his new bio on founding father and revolutionary physician Benjamin Rush, the decorated journalist argues it’s not all about the Franklins.

City Life

The Philly College Dishonor Roll

Donald Trump’s not the only alum you won’t hear about on local campus tours.