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This Local Skincare Company Owner Spends Her Nights Learning Martial Arts

Welcome to Sweat Diaries, Be Well Philly’s look at the time, energy, and money people invest in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle in Philly. For […]

Be Well Philly

We Took a Hip-Hop Yoga Class at Teranga Yoga for November’s BWP Underground Event

Our Be Well Philly Undergrounders were back on their fitness and wellness game this month! In November, we popped up at our studio (and obsession) […]

body-positive mission
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9 Philly Businesses That Live Their Body-Positive Mission

Jenny Weinar is a Philly-based psychotherapist who specializes in treating perfectionism, disordered eating, and body image concerns. Read Weinar on Be Well one Tuesday a […]

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Announcing Be Well Philly’s November Studio of the Month: Teranga Yoga

Happy November, Be Well Philly fam! It’s the first of the month, which means we get to share some stellar news. If you’ve been with […]

restorative yoga
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16 Philly Studios With the Restorative Yoga Classes Your Body (and Mind!) Needs

This post is part of our Hygge series — activities, products, and experiences that will make you feel cozy in Philly this fall and winter. […]

pregnancy body
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How Pregnancy Has Helped This Yoga and Barre Teacher Listen to Her Body More

Who I am: Larkin Silverman What I do: I co-founded and teach at Lumos Yoga & Barre in Fairmount. *** “Pregnancy was a scary thing […]

kids yoga
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5 Great Places for Kids’ Yoga Classes Around Philly

Philly’s kids and teens have more anxiety than ever. But getting them into yoga may help them better navigate the stresses of school now and […]

teranga yoga
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Get Ready for Music From Around the World at This Gorgeous New Yoga Studio

Quiz time: In a yoga class, what type of music would you expect to be playing? A) Some sort of soothing, ambient track B) A […]

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Introducing Be Well Philly’s September Studio of the Month: Tuck Barre and Yoga

Happy September, Be Well Philly fam! We’ve had a blast showcasing different fitness boutiques these past five months through our exclusive membership. From boxing to […]

trauma-informed yoga
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Trauma-Informed Yoga Kept This Pennsylvania Man Sane in Prison

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be chatting with our semifinalists in the 2019 Be Well Philly Health Hero Challenge to give you a glimpse […]

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This New Manayunk Yoga Studio Wants to Provide a Haven for Those in Recovery

Robert and Arielle Ashford’s meet cute had more tinges of Washington, D.C., than Philly. The couple literally met at the White House, where Arielle was […]

nasmaste soiree
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This Suburban Yoga Studio’s New Private Retreats Let You Get Away Without Traveling

There’s something about getting away from our routines that makes us immediately shrug off stress. After all, that’s why we take vacations, right? To introduce […]

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Sweat Diaries: The Philly Chef Who Loves Yoga and Fruit Smoothies

Who I am: Michael Loughlin (@michaelalbertii), 37 Where I live: Manayunk What I do: I am the Executive Chef of Scarpetta Philadelphia, an Italian restaurant […]

aqua vida august studio of the month
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Introducing Be Well Philly’s August Studio of the Month: Aqua Vida

Happy August, Be Well Philly fam! With August comes the heat, sunshine — and feelings of never, ever wanting to leave anywhere with air conditioning. But […]

baby-friendly fitness classes
Be Well Philly

Baby-Friendly Fitness Classes Around Philadelphia

Now that you’ve brought a new little one into the world, you’re probably more strapped for “me” time than ever. If finding a babysitter every […]