The Ultimate Guide to Yoga Studios Around Philadelphia

From Center City to the Main Line to South Jersey, here's our ultimate guide to all the yoga studios that'll help you find your zen.

Namaste all day at these yoga studios in and around Philadelphia. / Photograph courtesy of Yoga Habit.

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Lucky for pros and budding yogis alike, there’s no shortage of yoga studios in the Philly area. If you’re new to your neighborhood, new to a yoga practice, or just want to explore a new studio in your area, you’re in luck. We compiled a list of 68 studios (Seriously! 68!) to check out in the Philly region. From Center City to the Main Line to South Jersey and everywhere in between, there’s likely a studio for you. Namaste.

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Yoga Studios in Center City, Rittenhouse, and Midtown Village

Unrolling your mat in the heart of the city is easy when you have so many options. / Photograph courtesy of Maha Yoga.

Sanctuary Yoga and Mindfulness

Where: 1233 Locust Street
Drop-in price: $18
This Center City-based yoga studio focuses on building strong bodies and minds. In addition to yoga classes, they’ve got a packed schedule of mindfulness meditation sessions so you can strengthen your mind alongside your body.

CorePower Yoga: Rittenhouse

Where: 1616 Walnut Street, lower level
Drop-in price: $23
While this price may be steep in comparison to other studios in Philly, the workout is like no other. CorePower offers different class styles that range from beginner, non-heated yoga to high-intensity heated yoga, plus candlelight and sculpt classes. For you South Jersey yogis, CorePower also has a studio in Cherry Hill.

Maha Yoga and Healing Arts

Where: 1700 Sansom Street, 6th floor
Drop-in price: $10 for community and yogahour classes, $20 for all others
Maha Yoga and Healing Arts provide a slew of class options for their clients to find the flow that works best for them. They even offer a flow for people living with Parkinson’s disease and/or their caregivers, as well as a flow for veterans and active service members.

Wake Up Yoga: Rittenhouse

Where: 2030 Sansom Street, 3rd floor
Drop-in price: $18
This vinyasa and yin yoga studio focuses on making your yoga practice part of your everyday life. There are also locations in Fairmount and South Philly.

Philly Power Yoga

Where: 2016 Walnut Street
Drop-in price: $18
At Philly Power Yoga, you can learn the basics with their Beginner Power Yoga, or maximize your fitness with their yoga and Pilates fusion class. If your goal is to improve your flow, this is the place for you as focusing on holding the pose is as important as the pose itself.

Philly Yoga Factory

Where: 1520 Sansom Street, 3rd floor
Drop-in price: Minimum $7 donation
This studio bills itself as Philly’s first all-donation yoga collective, focusing on making yoga inclusive for everyone regardless of circumstances. If you prefer a chiller vibe, this is the place for you.

Hot Yoga Philadelphia

Where: 1520 Sansom Street, 3rd floor
Drop-in price: $20
No, you aren’t seeing double. Hot Yoga Philadelphia shares their studio space with their partner program, Philly Yoga Factory (see above). Since 2001, they have been teaching Philadelphians about the ancient art of yoga and have since expanded their practice to offer classes like PyroPilates and aromatherapy yin yoga.

Shanti Yoga and Ayurveda

Where: 1638 Pine Street
Drop-in price: $17
Need yoga to focus on your health and healing? That is the main focus for the instructors at Shanti Yoga and Ayurveda. If your goal is to expand your horizons beyond the comforts of the vinyasa flow, there are other practices to choose from as well, including pre- and post-natal yoga.

Focus Barre and Yoga

Where: 1923 Chestnut Street
Drop-in price: $18
At this studio — which, yes, also offers barre — the purpose of the practice is to focus is on you. All the classes and instructors aim to be as welcoming as possible, so that yogis of all skill levels feel at ease.

Anjali Power Yoga

Where: 1519 South Street
Drop-in price: $20
End your hectic workday by being present on the mat. This studio promises a good sweat through their heated sessions. There are also two Jersey locations: one in Westmont and another in Avalon, in case you need a pre-beach flow.

Mama’s Wellness Joint

Where: 1100 Pine Street
Drop-in price: $17-$20
Unlike the name suggests, Mama’s Wellness Joint isn’t just for new or expecting mothers, although they get a lot of attention here. Founder, Paige Chapman, is a Philly-born yoga instructor and Doula who puts her focus on healing. There are a ton of classes and workshops that focus on the relationship between mother and child, as well as the beauty of feminine energy.

Dhyana Yoga

Where: 1611 Walnut Street, 4th floor
Drop-in price: $12-$18
Hosting yoga sessions since 2002, Dhyana Yoga believes that yoga is for everyone, and that flowing through poses is a great way to enhance your wellness. Along with their range of classes, the Rittenhouse studio also offers a variety of workshops, series, and even retreats.

Yoga Studios in Old City, Washington Square West, Queen Village, and Bella Vista

Get strong on your mat at Teranga Yoga in Bella Vista. / Photograph by Shaun Luberski.

Mind Over Matter

Where: 110 North 2nd Street
Drop-in price: $16
Mind Over Matter takes a holistic approach to yoga, emphasizing physical, mental, and emotional wellness. They offer three different yoga practices, plus barre classes so you can move your muscles in a different way.

The Yoga Garden: Washington Square West

Where: 240 South 8th Street
Drop-in price: $18
The Yoga Garden hopes you find your vibe and tribe practicing alongside their instructors. Choose from over 100 classes a week in a range of style at both their Philadelphia location and their Main Line (Narberth) location.

Three Queens Yoga

Where: 410 Monroe Street
Drop-in price: $20
When it comes to yoga studios in Philly, Three Queens is possibly one of the most recognizable names. Whether you take their gentle, express, core, basics, or mixed level classes, perfecting your alignment and moves takes high priority.

Ashtanga Yoga Philadelphia

Where: 733 Sansom Street, 3rd floor
Drop-in price: $20
Ashtanga Yoga focuses on simple discipline of movement and breath. Instead of thinking of all the things you have to do once you leave class, their classes allow you to stay present in the current moment.

Kaya Aerial Yoga

Where: 225 Quarry Street
Drop-in price: $7.50-$$25
Who said yoga exclusively had to be on a mat? At Kaya Aerial Yoga, silk ribbons keep you afloat as you do yoga with an aerial view. They also offer traditional mat-based classes in case you want to stay grounded (literally).

Healing Arts Collective

Where: 519 South 9th Street
Drop-in price: $15
If you need a place to practice where the instructors have a full understanding of the human body, look no further. Besides yoga, they offer an array of services such as massages, Reiki healing, and Ayurvedic holistic health.

Teranga Yoga

Where: 626 South 7th Street
Drop-in price: $20
At Teranga, it’s all about flowing to the beat. The infrared hot yoga studio in Bella Vista hosts a variety of music-based classes, including Hip Hop yoga and One Love Flow.

Tuck Barre and Yoga: Washington Square West

Where: 518 South 7th Street
Drop-in price: $18
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be trained by someone who’s trained Olympic athletes? Well look no further! Co-owner Callie has taught the best of the best and now uses her experience to promote self-love through yoga (and barre, of course!). Plus, they’ve been known to host fun pop-up events, like pig yoga. They’ve got three other locations in Point Breeze, West Philly, and Northern Liberties.

Practice Yoga Studio

Where: 804 South 4th Street
Drop-in price: $20
Practice makes perfect from what we’ve been told. Why not start your yoga journey at a place that focuses on giving personal attention?

Yoga Studios in Fairmount, Brewerytown, Callowhill, and Spring Garden

Lumos Yoga and Barre is nestled in the Fairmount section of the city. / Photograph by Dave Tanenbaum.

Yoga Habit

Where: 1640 Fairmount Avenue, 2nd floor
Drop-in price: $5-$20
In this infrared 90-degree heated room, you have the chance to flow through Power Yoga, Power Basics, and Restorative Yoga. To save some dough, keep an eye out on their schedule for their regularly run $5 community classes.

Wake Up Yoga: Fairmount

Where: 2329 Parrish Street
Drop-in price: $18
From all-levels Vitality Flow classes to prenatal yoga to candlelit yoga, this studio offers a style for everyone. There are two other locations in Rittenhouse and South Philly.

Priya Hot Yoga

Where: 1828 Callowhill Street
Drop-in price: $15 cash, $18 card
The sense of community is strong at Priya Hot Yoga as two best friends founded this studio. Here, they want you to focus on the art of letting go and being present.


Where: 1831 Brandywine Street
Drop-in price: $15
Studio1831 offers Hatha Yoga, with a focus on increased flexibility, enhanced concentration, and a developed sense of strength, balance, and coordination.

Lumos Yoga and Barre

Where: 2001 Green Street
Drop-in price: $18
Ever taken a yoga class called ‘Sculpt Jawn’? Thought not. You can try this twist on yoga sculpt at Lumos Yoga and Barre, or try a class where you can do yoga in a chair if being on the floor isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a studio that emphasizes inclusivity, this one is for you.

The Yoga and Movement Sanctuary

Where: 2623 West Girard Avenue
Drop-in price: $16
To foster your growth and love for the practice, The Yoga and Movement Sanctuary focuses on community as well as diverse and holistic ways to practice. Some stand-out classes are the early morning Rising Sun flow, as well an inversion-focused class on Sundays.

Philadelphia Yoga Exchange

Where: 466 North 10th Street
Drop-in price: $18
Previously Roots Philly Yoga, Philadelphia Yoga Exchange was born of the idea that a group of people practicing together could essentially shape the neighborhood. If you want a space that focuses on cooperation, collaboration, and community, you’ll find it here.

Yoga Studios in Northern Liberties, Fishtown, and Port Richmond

Tula Yoga in Northern Liberties. / Photograph courtesy of Tula Yoga.

Sculpere Studio

Where: 209 Poplar Street
Drop-in price: $18
Combining yoga, Pilates, and ballet, Sculpere will leave your muscles feeling lengthened, strengthened, and toned. Their yoga classes include all-levels vinyasa, yoga sculpt, power yoga, and gentle yoga.

Amrita Yoga and Wellness North

Where: 1204 Frankford Avenue
Drop-in price: $20
This stunning Fishtown studio offers classes across all levels of expertise. Plus, they’ve been known to host puppy yoga — a must-try for any yogi or dog lover. Note: Amrita also has a studio in Graduate Hospital known as their “South” location.

MotherHeart Studio

Where: 2359 East Susquehanna Street
Drop-in price: $15
This yoga studio offers a bunch of calming yoga classes, plus non-yoga services like a West African dance class and massages.

Grace and Glory Yoga

Where: 2200 Frankford Avenue
Drop-in price: $18
This Baptiste-affiliated studio in Fishtown, encourages you to “come as your are, not as you think you should be.” At Grace and Glory, they want you to discover, explore, and expand. Check out this space to step out of your comfort zone.

Breathing Room

Where: 2926 Richmond Street
Drop-in price: $10
If you need a place to practice that’s laid back, welcoming, and affordable — look no further. This non-profit studio brings affordable yoga, meditation, and healthy lifestyle programs to people in the area.

Tula Yoga

Where: 737 North 4th Street
Drop-in price: $16
New to NoLibs is Tula Yoga, a community-oriented yoga studio offering classes and workshops, so you can truly embrace your inner yogi. They’ve also got wellness services acupuncture, psychotherapy, and beer tastings (because wellness is all-encompassing).

The Healing Fields Yoga

Where: 1030 North 2nd Street
Drop-in price: $13-$20 sliding scale
The Healing Fields Yoga is committed to using movement to help individuals heal, evolve, and overcome. Their “Sizzle and Chill” is their take on restorative, and “Corever Strong Yoga” focuses on stabilization and strength.

Tuck Barre and Yoga: Northern Liberties

Where: 1100 North Front Street
Drop-in price: $18
Their fourth studio, Tuck Barre and Yoga Northern Liberties has a standard vinyasa “Feel Good Flow” and a high-intensity “Free Movement Flow.” Tuck also has locations in Point Breeze, West Philly, and Washington Square West.

Yoga Studios in Manayunk and Roxborough

Manayunk has several yoga studios, including Unity Yoga on Main Street. / Photograph courtesy of Robert Ashford.

Hotbox Yoga: Manayunk

Where: 4163 Main Street
Drop-in price: $18
If you need an intermission from the day-to-day, stop by this studio to challenge your inner power on and off your mat. The values here are simple: create a safe space for everyone, disconnect with the world and reconnect with yourself, and build a stronger community for the people around you. Hotbox also has a location in West Philly.

Yoga on Main

Where: 4227 Main Street
Drop-in price: $15
Yoga on Main wants you to drop in and unleash your inner fire. They offer Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, as well as a slew of other classes and workshops.

Unity Yoga

Where: 4363 Main Street
Drop-in price: $20
At Unity, everyone is welcome and supported on and off the mat. Founders Arielle and Robert believe yoga can heal, transform, and empower all community members. Go here to feel connected and inspired.

JTown Hot Yoga

Where: 115 Levering Street, Manayunk (Plus locations in Maple Shade and Jenkintown)
Drop-in price: $25
JTown Hot Yoga seeks to challenge you with their dynamic flows, but also encourage you to maximize your physical and mental well being. Take their signature 26/2 Bikram class or Kettlebell Kundalini.

Yoga Studios in Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Mt. Airy, and East Falls

Get down dog at Rebel Yoga Studio in Chestnut Hill. / Photograph courtesy of Rebel Yoga Studio.

Y2B Fit

Where: 7101 Emlen Street
Drop-in price: $18
This yoga and barre studio focuses on combining the two activities to get you fit. Their holistic approach to fitness through fostering the mind-body connection will have you leaving in better spirits than you came in. Can’t make it to a class? Try one of their online videos in their virtual studio.


Where: 8020 Germantown Avenue
Drop-in price: $18
A yoga studio that sells clothes and healthy snacks? We like the sound of that! While this studio offers a bunch of different classes, they also keep their hands busy by selling apparel (brands such as ALO, Beyond Yoga, Teeki, and more), beverages, and locally-sourced organic snacks.

Blue Banyan Yoga

Where: 7153 Sprague Street
Drop-in price: $16
The yoga community in Mt. Airy has grown tremendously in recent years and this studio is one of the reasons why. Blue Banyan Yoga gives people in the community the space to further their practice while not traveling too far from home.

Magu Yoga

Where: 6825 Germantown Avenue
Drop-in price: $18
The director of this studio has been teaching for over 20 years and uses her ample experience to the benefit of her students. Magu is located in Mt. Airy and offers a bunch of different classes to get you moving and feeling stronger than before.

Water and Rock Studio

Where: 8109 Germantown Avenue
Drop-in price: $20
This whole-body personal training studio also runs private yoga sessions both in-person and online. Their real claim to fame, though, is their animal yoga with furry friends such as puppies, goats, kittens, and bunnies.

Yoga Studios in West Philadelphia

Everybody Movement and Wellness is West Philly’s newest yoga studio. / Photograph by Sahar Coston-Hardy.

Studio 34

Where: 4522 Baltimore Avenue
Drop-in price: $12
Studio 34 focuses on creating flows for all. Most notably, their Queer and Trans Yoga and People of Color Yoga are not only inclusive, but beginner-friendly so people of all skill levels can feel at home on their mat.

Hotbox Yoga: West Philly

Where: 3527 Lancaster Avenue
Drop-in price: $18
Through heated yoga sessions, Hotbox Yoga encourages you to tap into your inner power and discover your full potential on and off the mat. You can also find Hotbox in Manayunk.

Bikram Yoga West Philly

Where: 4145 Chestnut Street
Drop-in price: $22
Always heard about Bikram but never experienced it for yourself? Well, look no further. This state-of-the-art-facility is both spacious and clean (with three showers in both the men and women’s bathroom) and has a hot room that’s over 1500 square feet. There’s definitely room to maximize your Savasana!

Tuck Barre and Yoga: West Philadelphia

Where: 3400 Lancaster Avenue
Drop-in price: $15
Across all four of their locations, Tuck strives to provide a peaceful space for practicing yoga, relieving stress, and strengthening your overall self. They’ve got three other locations in Point Breeze, Washington Square West, and Northern Liberties.

Everybody Movement and Wellness

Where: 4305 Locust Street
Drop-in price: $15
Who said exercise can’t be fun? At Everybody Movement and Wellness, emphasis is on joyful movement, so you can focus on moving your body in the best and most comfortable ways as possible. They’ve got a bunch of yoga classes, from interval-based yoga to queer yoga.

Yoga Studios in South Philadelphia

Wake Up Yoga has three locations: South Philly, Rittenhouse, and Fairmount. / Photograph courtesy of Wake Up Yoga.

Palo Santo Wellness Boutique

Where: 1707 East Passyunk Ave
Drop-in price: $12-15
This yoga studio doubles as a wellness boutique. That means after finishing your vinyasa, you can purchase all sorts of healing mists and bath salts for same take-home self-care. Score!

Yoga Hive Philly

Where: 1914 East Passyunk Avenue
Drop-in price: $18 ($10 for new clients)
With classes ranging from candlelit power vinyasa to barre to anxiety-releasing slow flow, there’s something for everyone at this chic, plant-filled South Philly spot. (Plus, they take their name from the beehive, and have an environmental mission to save the bees, too. How rad is that?)

Tuck Barre and Yoga: Point Breeze

Where: 1155 South 20th Street
Drop-in price: $15
From vinyasa yoga to yin yoga and core yoga to pig yoga, there’s a little something for everyone at Tuck, no matter if you’re a serious pro or just someone looking to experience a yoga flow for the first time. They’re also located in West Philly, Northern Liberties, and Washington Square West.

Wake Up Yoga: South Philly

Where: 1839 East Passyunk Avenue
Drop-in price: $18
This studio focuses on making your yoga practice apart of your everyday life. There are also locations conveniently placed in Fairmount and Rittenhouse.

Nava Yoga Center

Where: 1200 Constitution Avenue, Suite 220
Drop-in price: $17
The first and only yoga studio in The Navy Yard, Nava Yoga Center specializes in drop-in yoga classes that fit your schedule (think 45-minute lunchtime classes!) and one-on-one yoga therapy sessions. Plus, free parking, lockers, and showers. Can you say win?

Yoga Studios in Northeast Philadelphia


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Zen Betty Yoga

Where: 8700 Crispin Street
Drop-in price: $15
Opened in November 2019, Zen Betty Yoga strives to equip community members with mindfulness tools and self-care resources in a welcoming, non-judgmental space. Classes include multi-level warm and hot yoga, plus restorative, hatha, recovery, meditation, and even mat Pilates.

Yoga Studios on the Main Line

Hold poses and stay focused at Prana Das Yoga in Haverford. / Photograph courtesy of Prana Das Yoga.

Main Line Yoga Shala

Where: 944 Montgomery Avenue
Drop-in price: $21
Here, the owners want you to view their studio as a place of refuge. As you go through your journey of self-discovery, they hope to be there, guiding you along the way. Plus, there is tons of free parking.

Prana Das Yoga

Where: 385 Lancaster Avenue
Drop-in price: $22 using card
Whether you’re a master yogi or a novice practitioner, Prana Das Yoga is said to have an effect on people that makes them feel like they’re “coming home.”

Hummingbird Yoga and Massage

Where: 940 Haverford Road
Drop-in price: $18
Yoga? Massage? There couldn’t possibly be a better duo! They go beyond just using yoga as a practice as they incorporate mindfulness techniques to guide you through your every day life.

Verge Yoga

Where: 250 West Lancaster Avenue
Drop-in price: $25
Verge yoga offers different classes that help you customize your flow so you can get the best from your experience. You can also stream classes on demand in case you can’t make it to the actual studio.

Focus Fitness Main Line

Where: 1111 East Lancaster Avenue
Drop-in price: $22
If you’re an all-access member at this studio, you get unlimited babysitting in Studio K. If that isn’t enticing enough, they offer a bunch of other specialty programming in addition to their regular classes.

East Eagle Yoga

Where: 18 East Eagle Road
Drop-in price: $15
Located in Havertown, East Eagle Yoga runs 75-minute yoga practices. From beginner to prenatal and seniors, this classical Hatha studio meets the needs of yogis of every kind.

Positivity Yogis

Where: 31 South Eagle Road
Drop-in price: $15
With a good vibes attitude, Positivity Yogis offers a variety of yoga classes, including slow flow, chair yoga, and yoga with weights. They also sell essential oils and run monthly workshops to help you learn more about them.

The Yoga Garden: Haverford

Where: 131 North Narberth Avenue
Drop-in price: $18
The Yoga Garden hosts classes in the early morning, at lunch, and in the evenings, so you can unroll your mat at the time that’s most convenient for you. TYG is also located in Washington Square West.

Yoga Studios in Cherry Hill

Heart and Grit Power Yoga is a Baptiste-affiliate studio in Cherry Hill. / Photograph by Amy Frontino, courtesy of Heart and Grit Power Yoga.

Blue Deer Yoga

Where: 1990 North Route 70
Drop-in price: $20
The art of movement is celebrated here. At Blue Deer Yoga, they believe movement is “the food that nourishes the deepest aspects of your heart, body, and spirit.” There’s no better time than the present to get moving.

CorePower Yoga

Where: 921 Haddonfield Road
Drop-in price: $23
Thanks to CorePower, you can find your flow and work your abs. Their C1 class is beginner-friendly and non-heated, while their C2 and Yoga Sculpt are for more advanced yogis. CorePower also has a Rittenhouse location.

Heart and Grit Power Yoga

Where: 413 Marlton Pike East
Drop-in price: $20
This Baptiste Power Yoga affiliate encourages members to persevere towards a goal. If you’re looking for a sense of community in the South Jersey area, make sure to pay Heart and Grit a visit.

Additional reporting by Cierra Williams and Michaela Althouse.

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