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Jenny Weinar

body-positive mission
Be Well Philly

9 Philly Businesses That Live Their Body-Positive Mission

From fitness studios to boutiques, these local spots are big on inclusivity.

not running marathon
Be Well Philly

It’s OK if You’re Not Running a Marathon This Fall

Here are some fitness alternatives to training for a long race this season.

can't eat foods
Be Well Philly

When You Can’t Eat Certain Foods, How Do You Stay Chill About Your Diet?

We talk to clinical nutritionist Cristina Hoyt, who has celiac disease, to get some advice.

intuitive eating
Be Well Philly

What Does Intuitive Eating Really Mean?

Jenny Weinar breaks down the increasingly popular approach to food.

Be Well Philly

Where Are All the Stock Photos of Diverse Body Sizes?

Jenny Weinar explains the need for fat-positive images.

Be Well Philly

Why Joyful Movement Is Better Than Exercise

Jenny Weinar explains how to make joyful movement part of your health journey.

advanced yoga
Be Well Philly

Being “Good at Yoga” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

No, it’s not all about handstands.

doctor's appointments larger body
Be Well Philly

How to Navigate Doctor’s Appointments When You’re in a Larger Body

Jenny Weinar explains how to combat the weight stigma of a broken medical system.

Be Well Philly

The Lowdown on Orthorexia

Jenny Weinar breaks down the lesser-known eating disorder.

Be Well Philly

Here’s What Health At Every Size Really Means

Jenny Weinar explains what the body positive-concept is — and isn’t.

love your body
Be Well Philly

Introducing The Philly Therapist Who Wants to Help You Love Your Body

Meet Jenny Weinar.