This New Yoga Studio in Manayunk Offers 100% Donation-Based Classes

Casa Bandha Yoga also offers budget-friendly private yoga for $1 per minute.

Casa Bandha, a new yoga studio in Manayunk, offers low-cost group classes and private sessions. / Photograph by Jack Torella.

If there’s one thing we hope for your wellness journey this year, it’s that it’ll be inexpensive. Luckily, self-care is becoming more financially attainable, thanks to this new yoga studio in Manayunk. Casa Bandha Yoga, founded by Philly-area yoga teacher Christine Bosch, offers small-group and private yoga at an affordable price, so that everyone — no matter the circumstance — can pursue healthy living.

At Casa Bandha, group classes are 100-percent donation-based with no minimum, meaning you can focus on your practice without worrying about the cost. Practice a wide-range of Ashtanga-based styles, including traditional vinyasa, heated vinyasa, candlelight yin/restorative, and guided meditation. These group classes, which can comfortably host eight to 10 yogis, will be offered on a non-fixed, pop-up schedule, and will be reliant on client feedback. If Wednesday mornings work better for you than Friday evenings, all you have to do is say the word. This, according to Bosch, gives the Casa Bandha community “a stronger voice in their yoga practice.” Group workshops like acro yoga and Thai yoga are also in the works.

Want a more intimate practice? Opt for private yoga, which is offered at a rate of $1 per minute, so you can come as you are and pay what you can. Whether you want a 30-minute session or a full hour, you have the opportunity to put your wellness first in a budget-friendly way.

Want to refine your yoga practice with personal hands-on adjustments? Opt for a private session for $1 per minute. / Photograph by Jack Torella.

Bosch decided to open a financially accessible yoga studio based off her own personal experiences. She has taught at a variety of fitness studios including Maha Yoga, Life Time Athletic, EverybodyFights, and Fitler Club’s The Field House, and has been a single mom for the past three years, making for a jam-packed to-do list (and, we imagine, fairly limited “me time”).

Seeking more control over her finances, energy, and schedule, Bosch wanted to give the same to her community. “Yoga has provided me coping mechanisms during times of stress,” Bosch says. “I believe people shouldn’t have to put their mental health, self-care, and overall wellness on the back burner because of money.”

Casa Bandha Yoga is located at 143 Levering Street in Manayunk. You can book a private session and stay up-to-date on pop-up group classes on their Instagram.

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