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Crowds in Chestnut Hill, the neighborhood with the highest voter turnout in Philadelphia during the 2024 primary
City Life

This Philly Neighborhood Had the Highest Voter Turnout

Check phillymag.com each morning Monday through Thursday for the latest edition of Philly Today. And if you have a news tip for our hardworking Philly […]

City Life

New Committee of Seventy CEO Lauren Cristella on Her Historic Appointment and Takeaways from the Primary

For the first time in its nearly 120 years, a woman, Lauren Cristella, will be president and CEO of the Committee of Seventy. In an […]

a woman in philadelphia who cast an early vote before Election Day
City Life

Here Are the Philadelphia Primary Problems You Should Definitely Report

It’s finally here: rhe 2023 Philadelphia primary election. And along with the big decisions that have to be made today come billions of complaints about […]

City Life

It’s Time for the Gloves to Finally Come Off in Philly’s Mayoral Race

Last week, petition day for the upcoming municipal primaries came and went — and nobody blinked. Everyone who’s anyone is still in the running for […]

City Life

Are You Bored by the Mayor’s Race Already? Don’t Worry; It’ll Get Exciting Soon

At this point in the campaign to elect Philadelphia’s 100th mayor, you’re either not keeping up or not caring about the now-overcrowded field of candidates. […]

part of the pennsylvania mail-in ballot application pack I received at City Hall in Philadelphia last week
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Philly Today: Mail-In Ballot Requests “Far Below Expectations”

Check phillymag.com each morning for the latest edition of Philly Today. And if you have a news tip for our hardworking Philadelphia Magazine reporters, please […]

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Philly Today: I Just Voted. Here’s How You Can Too

Check phillymag.com each morning for the latest edition of Philly Today. And if you have a news tip for our hardworking reporters, please send it […]

City Life

The Philadelphia Democratic Establishment Has Officially Lost Its Mojo

If this year’s Democratic primary cycle taught us anything, it’s that the city’s political machine is in trouble. In what felt like a reformation, progressives […]

dancing mailboxes philadelphia
City Life

Meet the Philly Nonprofit Behind Those Viral Dancing Mailboxes

If you were paying any attention to social media late last week (I mean, who wasn’t?), you probably saw them: three impressively realistic-looking USPS mailboxes […]

City Life

Photos from Ground Zero: The Philly Vote Count

We always knew Philadelphia and the rest of Pennsylvania would play a pivotal role in determining the next President of the United States. Now that […]

a woman drops her pennsylvania mail in ballot into a dropbox outside of city hall, and now a lot of pennsylvania voters are confused about the status of their pennsylvania mail in ballots because of an outdated state website
City Life

If Your Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Status Was “Pending,” Check Again

Last week, I told you that a lot of voters have been confused about the status of their Pennsylvania mail-in ballots. This is because the […]

City Life

You Officially Have One More Week to Register to Vote

You do not need us to tell you that there’s an election this year. What you might need us to tell you, however, is that […]

City Life

Here’s Where You Can Vote in Person Before Election Day

Update October 21st: This story has been updated to note that all 17 satellite election offices are now open. Election Day is drawing ever nearer. […]

artist maria moller on her south philly block where she is debuting a get-out-the-vote art exhibit this week
City Life

This South Philly Artist Is Turning Her Block Into a Get-Out-the-Vote Art Exhibit

South Philly artist Maria Möller has shown her site-specific and public art works in galleries, vacant lots, libraries, motels and all sorts of other other […]

it was inside a philadelphia polling place like this one where mark squilla staffer Marie Beren is accused by the feds of participating in a conspiracy to commit voter fraud
City Life

Here Are All the Ways You Can Cast Your Ballot in the General Election

The June primary — our first election attempt under pandemic conditions and with a massive increase in mail-in voting — may not have been a total […]