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People Urging a Vote Recount in Pa. “In Denial,” Says Local Election Attorney

Computer scientists and election lawyers are asking the Hillary Clinton campaign to recount election votes in three states, including Pennsylvania, New York Magazine reported last night. The […]

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Only 24% of Eligible Philadelphians Voted for Mayor — Which Is Not That Bad, Comparatively

A new report found that only 24 percent of eligible Philadelphians voted for mayor in the most recent election. This sounds depressing, until you compare […]

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Today Is the Last Day to Register to Vote for President in Pennsylvania

The November 8th presidential election is less than a month away. If you live in Pennsylvania and want to vote in it, you need to […]

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Hillary Clinton Will Speak at West Philadelphia High School Today

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will headline a voter registration event at West Philadelphia High School today. The former Secretary of State is expected to speak sometime […]

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Can Social Media Bring Young Voters Into the Fold?

Editor’s Note: This report was created by a team of student reporters from Girls High School, working as part of a Youth News Team program […]

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These Tweets Show Why Sean Hannity Is Dead Wrong About Election Fraud in Philly

After conservative political commentator Sean Hannity offhandedly suggested on Twitter that something dubious had happened in the 2012 election in Philadelphia because not a single person in 59 voting divisions […]


Obama Doesn’t Approve of Your Pathetic Voter Turnout, Philly

President Barack Obama delivered a stirring, once-in-a-lifetime speech Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention. He gave our disaffected country what it so desperately needs as it looks down the […]


Voter Turnout Wasn’t That Bad in the 2016 Primary

Thirty-nine percent of registered voters in Philadelphia went to the polls on Tuesday, according to a preliminary report by City Commissioner Al Schmidt. This year is the first contested […]


There Are Perfectly Logical Reasons Why That Voting Machine Won’t Take a Bernie Sanders Vote

There’s a video making the rounds on social media right now that purports to show a Pennsylvania voting machine that refuses to take a vote […]

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LOCAL NEWS: Our LGBTQ Primary Election Guide

Resources for LGBTQ voters on Primary Day. Voter Guides: Citified: The No-B.S. Guide to the 2016 Philadelphia Primary Citified: Everything You Need to Know to […]


Those Kevin Boyle “Supporters” At Your Polling Place Might Actually Be Actors

This post has been updated to include a comment from Brendan Boyle. There are a lot of candidates on the ballot today. You know who you’re […]


Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Vote Today

Happy Election Day! Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. A lot is on the line today in Philadelphia. By voting, you could help decide […]


Everything You Need to Know About the Philly Ballot Questions You’ll See Tuesday

Philadelphians will have a lot on their minds when they step into their voting booths on Tuesday: Do I vote for Hillary or Bernie? Trump, Cruz or […]


Here’s What You Missed at Last Night’s Lively Town Hall on the Latino Vote

Wednesday night, five politicos sat in a row, most wearing blazers and glasses perched on their noses, fielding questions from a pair of journalists who […]

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Today Is the Last Day to Register to Vote in the PA Primary

Last year, I changed my registration so I could register to vote in the Philadelphia mayoral primary. It was an easier task than I expected: […]