Philly Dems Should Take Note of the GOP’s Bold Choice for Party Leader

If you overheard the following remarks, you’d probably assume you were at a progressive political gathering: “We’re bringing in the kind of leadership we need […]


Working Families Party Candidates For City Council Deserve To Lose On Principle

We’re roughly one month away from the general election, and I can’t wait for it to be over. Not because I don’t value the democratic […]


Daphne Goggins Wins Vote to Retain Historic GOP Mayoral Endorsement

After making history last week as the first black woman ever to receive a mayoral endorsement from the Philadelphia Republican party, Daphne Goggins won an […]


Scenes From the Campaign Trail: A Black Trump Supporter Throws a Mayoral Kickoff Birthday

On Tuesday night, as news broke that the feds were set to indict longtime Democratic political kingpin John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty and other union officials […]


Suburban Philly Congressman’s Pre-Primary Retirement Hamstrings Pa. GOP

Perturbed by the recent redrawing of Pennsylvania’s congressional map, a suburban Philadelphia congressman who just secured a place on the May primary ballot has decided […]


Mayor Kenney Should Embrace the Republican Tax Plan

I’m a fan of Jim Kenney’s and voted for him. But on taxes, we are not on the same page. That’s because I believe, unlike […]

republican fred anton

Republican Power Broker, CEO Found Dead in Delaware River

A Republican powerbroker and CEO was found dead in the Delaware River this week. Police pulled 83-year-old Fred Anton’s body from the waters around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, one day […]


There’s a Way to Get Republicans Out of City Hall Once and for All

In the past year, I’ve become less and less impressed with both major political parties. I was never a Republican: I’m too black, too gay, and […]


Do They Still Make Republicans Like Tom Ridge?

On election night, as the foreign country around him lay sleeping, Tom Ridge stayed up all night, watching TV. “I wanted to know who my […]

pa. gop chairman

Pa. GOP Elects Chester County’s Val DiGiorgio as Chairman

State Republicans have chosen Chester County’s Val DiGiorgio as the next Pennsylvania GOP chairman. 


Philly Police and Protesters Show the World How It’s Done

Any time thousands of protesters pour into the streets of a city, very bad things can happen, as history has shown us time and time […]


PPA Refused to Ticket Republican Senator’s Illegally Parked Car

If your car is parked in a no-stopping zone in Center City, you will, no doubt, get a $51 ticket. Your car might even be […]

Peyton Manning

What Will Peyton Manning Tell the GOP in Philly This Week?

Peyton Manning is coming to Philadelphia. Unfortunately, he’s not here to tutor Carson Wentz. But according to Politico Playbook, the former Colts and Broncos quarterback […]


Pa. Democrats Sue Trump Campaign, Republicans Over Alleged Voter Intimidation

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has accused the Donald Trump campaign, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, and Trump advisor Roger J. Stone of threatening to intimidate voters in […]


You Can Now Marry a Lawnmower

If you thought your vibrator gave you the buzz of your life, you haven’t experienced anything yet! In yet another feeble attempt to undermine the recent Supreme […]