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Be Well Philly

PSA: Don’t Have an Actual Heart Attack While Watching the Super Bowl

Football is a pretty dangerous sport. For players, concussions are common and torn ligaments pretty typical. But did you know football can be dangerous even […]

Philadelphia Wedding

An Eagles Fan Celebrated Last Night’s Win By Proposing to His Girlfriend

It’s a pretty wonderful time to be a Philadelphian right now. After an unbelievable 38-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings, the Eagles are headed to […]

City Life

The Eagles Won Big Sunday Night, and So Did White Privilege

Let’s just get this out the way: The Eagles, once pegged as underdogs, are going to the Super Bowl. I might have cared two years […]

City Life

Ed Rendell: “The Eagles Will Win the Super Bowl”

Judging by the stir he causes on social media with each triumphant fist pump in the owner’s box, Hollywood heartthrob (and Jenkintown native) Bradley Cooper […]

City Life

Philly Artist Makes Awesome Anti-Patriots Playing Cards

We here at Philly Mag get bombarded daily by people seeking publicity for their GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and other crowdfunding campaigns, but this one quickly rose […]

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Here’s How Much It Will Cost You to Get to the Super Bowl From Philly

Two weeks from now, the Philadelphia Eagles are going to be in Minneapolis doing their best to bring home Philadelphia’s first-ever Super Bowl victory, and […]

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PHOTOS: Philly Is Going Wild for the Eagles (and it’s Wonderful)

It’s a terrific day to be a Philadelphian. Our heads, like yours, are still spinning from last night’s win. So let’s keep it short: Philly […]

City Life

How to Safely Fake Your Way Through an Eagles Watch Party

While the rest of the city is going bananas over our never-say-die Birds, many out in the Delaware Valley are collectively puzzling over the same […]

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City Life

Police Prep for Post-Eagles Game Mayhem in Northeast Philly

Philly, we hope you’re prepared. In the event that the Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday (fingers crossed, dog masks ready), police are prepping for […]

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City Life

Here’s How to Score Tickets for Sunday’s Eagles Game

By grinding to a gutsy 15-10 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday, the Eagles solidified their place in the NFC Championship game for the […]

City Life

5 Reasons Why Even Non-Fans Should Be Optimistic About the Eagles

How did we arrive at the point where the pervasive thought among the so-called “experts” is that the Eagles have little to no chance of […]

City Life

Eagles Playoff Tickets Go On Sale Today

Eagles playoff tickets go on sale today at 10 a.m. sharp, although most Birds fans will need to channel their inner George Michael and have […]

City Life

Of Course Malcolm Jenkins Is a Sellout for Exploiting Kaepernick

When it comes to social justice activism, money is hardly ever the answer. Money is usually a band-aid, a diversion from combatting wrongs that require […]

City Life

The Unpatriotic Cynicism of the NFL’s Salute to Service

If you’re among the Philadelphians who view watching an Eagles game the same way some folks view breathing, you know that this is Salute To […]

City Life

Spitting in Philly’s Face, NFL Decides to Hold Next Draft in Dallas

Unable to resist capitalizing on the most viral moment in NFL Draft history, the league announced on Wednesday that its premier offseason event will head […]