PHOTOS: Philly Is Going Wild for the Eagles (and it’s Wonderful)

Featuring pole greasing, pole climbing, a few fires, dog masks and many, many crowds.


Philadelphia Eagles’ Beau Allen and Chris Long celebrate after the NFL football NFC championship game against the Minnesota Vikings Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018, in Philadelphia. The Eagles won 38-7 to advance to Super Bowl LII. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

It’s a terrific day to be a Philadelphian.

Our heads, like yours, are still spinning from last night’s win. So let’s keep it short: Philly went absolutely bonkers after our Eagles battered the Minnesota Vikings 38-7. We’re going to the Super Bowl. Repeat: We’re. Going. To. The. Super. Bowl.

Here are some of the best reactions from the game, mostly because they show off how passionate/weird Eagles fans are:

Even when we’re thousands of miles away from home:

More evidence: pole scaling, despite the efforts of the Crisco Cops:

Oh, and a few fires:

Plus some winners from the Philadelphia Police Department (which probably had a lot to do last night):

There were many enthusiastic crowds:

And lots of love from celebs:

Plus pure joy from the team itself.