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Gov. Wolf Is Finally Chill About Legalizing Marijuana

Gov. Tom Wolf has finally opened his mind to the idea of legalizing recreational weed use in Pennsylvania … after Lt. Gov. John Fetterman shined a […]

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Blunt Words: The Best Responses From the Lieutenant Governor’s Weed Survey

You’ve been living your whole life thinking August 8th is just another mid-month summer doldrums day. Which we suppose is true — but it is also […]

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John Fetterman’s Marijuana “Listening Tour” Will Make Four Stops in Philly

John Fetterman wants to talk to you about weed. The Pennsylvania lieutenant governor will bring his marijuana “listening tour” to Philly and Bucks County this month, and […]

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Pennsylvania’s Cannabis Movement, by the Numbers

This month marks one year since Philly’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors — and two bills are in the works in Harrisburg that […]

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Two Philly-Area State Senators to Introduce Bill Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

This post has been updated to correct the current status of marijuana legalization in Pennsylvania’s neighboring states. Pennsylvania is slowly boarding the recreational marijuana train. […]

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Pot Is Super Popular Among My Fellow Boomers. So Why Can’t I Get on Board?

I’ve been doing the cha-cha with a novel I’m working on where the age-55-and-over main characters regularly smoke marijuana to get high. Really high. So […]

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Lt. Gov. John Fetterman Wants to Talk to You About Weed

John Fetterman is proving once again that he’s Pennsylvania’s most chill politician. If you ever wanted to chat with the lieutenant governor about weed, now’s […]

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Gov. Wolf Wants to Seriously Consider Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Gov. Tom Wolf isn’t known for being a huge fan of legalizing recreational weed. This past August, he said Pennsylvania was simply “not ready for it” — which […]

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80,000 Patients Sign Up for Pa.’s Medical Marijuana Program in First Year

It’s been almost one year since Pennsylvania opened its medical marijuana patient registry, allowing residents to apply for the right to legally obtain medical marijuana […]

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Wolf Says PA Not “Ready” for Recreational Pot. PA Inhales, Disagrees.

Gov. Tom Wolf made it clear in a radio interview this week where he comes down on the issue of legalizing marijuana for recreational use: […]

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Best of Philly 2018 Fun and Games: From Scrabble to Drag to Marijuana Dinners

Best of Philly 2018, our annual listing of the region’s outstanding food, people, shops, services, and more, is now online as well as on newsstands. Here are […]

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New Jersey Attorney General Pauses All Weed Prosecutions

In a major win for marijuana advocates in New Jersey, state officials announced plans on Tuesday to pause all municipal prosecutions of weed offenses in the coming months […]


Marijuana Crusader N.A. Poe Is Opening a Restaurant In Fishtown

“I want it to become a destination spot,” says well-known marijuana enthusiast N.A. Poe when I ask him about Poe’s Sandwich Joint, his upcoming Fishtown […]

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Feds Say Philly Mail Carrier Was Used in Marijuana-by-Priority Mail Scheme

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and District Attorney Larry Krasner might be all hyper-relaxed when it comes to pot, but marijuana is still very much illegal […]

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Kenney Keeps Pushing for Legal Weed at Your Friendly Neighborhood State Store

Mayor Jim Kenney made a familiar pitch on Wednesday: Recreational marijuana should be legalized in Pennsylvania, then sold in state stores. It’s an idea he […]