Christie: Obama Lax on Weed Because He Used to Smoke Pot

As we all know, Chris Christie isn’t spending much time in New Jersey, which is racking up quite the tab for his state security detail. […]

New Jersey - marijuana

New Jersey Holds Hearing on Legalizing Marijuana

It’s not often that Philadelphians are concerned with the goings on of the New Jersey legislature. But a hearing in Trenton today will be of […]


Acquitted Narcotics Officer Failed Drug Test, Will Be Fired Again

Philadelphia Police narcotics officer Perry Betts is in hot water again. Just back in May, Betts was one of six narcotics unit officers acquitted by […]


Meet the Einstein Who Got Arrested After Posting His Pot Plants on Instagram

We see lots of candidates for World’s Dumbest (Alleged) Criminals here at Philadelphia magazine, but this week’s winner has got to be 20-year-old Connor Kennedy […]


3 Pro-Weed Events in Philly This Week

Mayor Nutter may have signed a marijuana decriminalization bill in October, but Philly still has a long way to go to legalization. Part of that journey involves […]


Amazon Picks Up Local-Made Board Game for Stoners, Pass the Grass

In the 1970s, Paul Greenwald of Huntingdon Valley developed a board game for folks to play at home when they’re toking with friends. It wasn’t until […]


BizFeed: Companies Can Fire Over Medical Marijuana Use, Court Says

Court: Worker Can Be Fired for Medical Pot Use The News: The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that companies have the right to terminate employees that […]


Pennsylvania Has Some of the Most Expensive Weed in the U.S.

If you want to smoke up in Pennsylvania, it’s going to cost you. I mean, obviously. Drugs aren’t free. But according to a recent report […]


Pa. Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

The Pennsylvania Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would legalize medical marijuana by a vote of 40-7. The legislation, which was championed by Sen. Daylin Leach and Sen. […]


Weed Cookies: My Fully Baked Ambien Alternative

The last time I took an Ambien was a little more than two years ago. I was a couple weeks into the prescription and woke […]


The Best Thing That Happened This Week

Politicians aren’t known for brilliance. Philly pols, especially, aren’t known for brilliance. But at a panel discussion at Temple on Tuesday, newly announced mayoral candidate […]


Jim Kenney: Pa. Could Sell Legal Pot in State Stores

A day before he was scheduled to formally announce his candidacy for mayor, Jim Kenney spoke about pot decriminalization to dozens of students at Temple University. Kenney, a former City Councilman, appeared […]


Proposal: Test Pa. Legislature for Drugs

State Rep. John Lawrence of Chester County is proposing that all of his colleagues in the Pennsylvania General Assembly be tested for drug use. “I […]


Cherry Hill Cops Find 250 Pounds of Pot

Cherry Hill Police today announced a drug bust where police seized 250 pounds of marijuana from a truck and a storage unit. Police said narc […]


N.A. Poe’s Splendor in the Grass

Last December, Nikki Allen Poe was sentenced to one year of federal probation—no drugs, strict drug-testing and no walking within 100 feet of the Liberty […]