Are People Smoking More Weed Under President Trump?

Local marijuana entrepreneurs say they’ve gotten more requests for medical pot due to Trump-related anxiety.

Donald trump split photo with marijuana bud

Marijuana photo by Horsma (license)

Is Donald Trump driving people to cannabis?

That’s the conclusion of former Daily News gossip columnist Dan Gross’s Elevated Nation, which recently ran a story quoting several local cannabis salespeople who say they’ve seen more requests since President Trump took office.

Dr. Matthew Roman, operator of Nature’s Way Medicine in Delaware, says he’s “had a jump in requests to use medical marijuana” in response to Trump-related anxiety. Unfortunately for anxious Delawareans, anxiety is not an approved condition for medicinal marijuana in the First State.

But not everyone in the marijuana industry is looking at Trump with fear in their hearts. George Schidlovsky, who owns Compassionate Sciences ATC in Bellmawr, says Trump will be good for the medical marijuana business.

“Mr. Trump is a pragmatic and business-minded individual that will promote job creation, diversification of the U.S. business environment and is an advocate for deregulating alternative medicine for the debilitating symptoms surrounding the opioid epidemic that has gripped the nation,” Schidlovsky told the site.

A national group of district attorneys has formed to advise the president on marijuana policy. Per the Boulder Daily Camera, Boulder district attorney Stan Garnett is in the group: “Garnett said that at the first meeting, some of the D.A.s wanted to send a letter to the governor of any state with recreational or medical marijuana telling them to shut those businesses down within 90 days.”