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Krasner Announces Big Shakeup in Homicide Unit of DA’s Office

The move by the DA represents real revolution — and maybe some risk.


Former Philly Cop Who Shot Two Fleeing Black Suspects to Be Indicted

Ryan Pownall will face first-degree murder charges in the June 2017 shooting death of David Jones.


Here’s Proof That Philly Restaurant Profit Margins Really Are That Small

This is why it’s so hard to run a restaurant in Philly. It’s basic math.


Peruto: “I Did Not Speak Ill” of Meek Mill Judge

The Philly lawyer pushes back against a report that he was criticizing Judge Genece Brinkley.


The Justice System Is Screwing Meek Mill. Is It Also Screwing the Cop Who Arrested Him?

Reggie Graham, the cop who collared Meek Mill in 2007, has emerged as a stand-in for bad police everywhere. But that’s not the whole story.


Garces Group Declares Bankruptcy; Restaurants Will Stay Open for Now

The Iron Chef’s empire will restructure as part of a $5 million partnership with Louisiana-based Ballard Brands.


A Second Cop Said Under Oath That Meek Mill Pointed Gun at Him, Court Records Reveal

As the movement to overturn the rapper’s 10-year-old conviction on drug and gun changes gathers momentum, a sworn statement long buried in sentencing notes complicates the picture.


Jose Garces in Crisis: The Trials of a Celebrity Chef

Jose Garces turned himself into one of America’s culinary superstars. Then the hits stopped coming.


Vince Fumo Would Like to Be Vince Fumo Again

How does that make you feel, Philadelphia?

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How Kate Gosselin and Octomom Ruined Having Multiples

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