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I Used to Love Steak — Then I Met a Cow

When I was in my 20s, I started working at an alternative weekly, which I should explain to younger readers was a free tabloid-format newspaper […]


The Coyote Captured in South Philadelphia Has Been Euthanized

It’s a sad day for coyotes, and a sad day for Philadelphia: Police say the coyote that was captured in South Philly on Thursday has […]


The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Bucks County’s Fox Pox

When we were growing up in Bucks County in the 1970s, it was a wonderland of deep dense forests and verdant farmland and misty hills, […]


Firefighters Find Alligator Inside Tacony Home

.@FOX29philly Here you go. Alligator found at fire scene in Tacony tonight. 18-24 inches long. Unharmed.#fox29 — Dave Schratwieser (@DSchratwieser) April 20, 2017 Firefighters […]


People, Stop Killing Wild Animals With Kindness

One of the most embarrassing things I ever did was find a dog that wasn’t lost. It was near Second and Washington, while I was […]


Penn Vet Students to Learn on Jon Stewart’s Farm

The veterinary students at the University of Pennsylvania certainly are going Hollywood these days. Months after it was revealed that a new “Penn Vet” reality […]


PHOTOS: Le Cat Café is Finally Open — We Checked it Out

Are you a cat lover? Do their little paws and furry tails overload your cuteness receptors? Do you secretly follow multiple cat blogs on Instagram — and find […]

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These Are the Top 10 Dog Breeds in Philadelphia

The Labrador retriever may be the No. 1 dog in the country, but in Philadelphia another breed is top dog. Yesterday, the American Kennel Club […]


Should All Animals Be Banned from the Circus?

“Please, smart people I know, stop supporting the circus.” That was the Facebook status of a Philadelphia artist friend of mine on Wednesday morning, and […]


Penn Vet Students to Star in New Animal Planet Series, Penn Vet

The next time your new kitty won’t eat and keeps coughing up hairballs, you might want to check the mirror before you rush her off […]


5 Furry Philly Groundhog Day Alternatives to Punxsutawney Phil

There is nothing wrong with Punxsutawney Phil. In fact, for a groundhog, the little guy is pretty cute. Getting a bit chubby in the cheeks, […]


Three Philly-Area Pups Will Compete in Puppy Bowl XII

If Super Bowl Sunday finds you curling up with dog treats instead of chips and dip, chances are your idea of the Big Game is […]


Fox Spottings Increasing in Philly’s Germantown Neighborhood

So far, they haven’t kept neighbors up at night howling at the moon (or is it wolves that do that?), but the foxes who have moved […]


Watch: The Country’s Oldest Polar Bear Eats Her Birthday Cake at Philly Zoo

On Wednesday, personnel and guests at the Philadelphia Zoo gathered around the polar bear exhibit to celebrate the birthday of Coldilocks. The female polar bear […]


Oldest Polar Bear in the U.S. Celebrates the Big 3-5 Tomorrow at Philadelphia Zoo

Tomorrow morning the Philadelphia Zoo and its guests will gather to celebrate the birthday of Coldilocks the polar bear. The old lady is turning the […]