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Elmwood Park Zoo wedding
Philadelphia Wedding

Giraffe Encounters and Vietnamese Traditions Made This Wedding Truly Magical

Giraffe feedings! Animal encounters! Weddings at Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown never cease to delight. This summer wedding is particularly special — not only did the […]

eugene bozzi aka abdul gene malik, who wrestled an alligator into a trash can in florida this week
City Life

How Growing Up in Philly Prepared Me to Face Down a Gator

When Philly born-and-bred Eugene Bozzi, a.k.a. Abdul Gene Malik a.k.a. @NorfPhilly_geno, woke up on Tuesday morning at his Central Florida home, it was just a […]

Be Well Philly

We Caught Up with Thor, the Philly Bulldog Who Won Best in Show, On His Fitness Routine and the Importance of Treats

On Thanksgiving, there are two types of people: those who watch football and those who watch adorable doggos prance around in friendly competition. (Can you […]

national dog show
City Life

National Dog Show Will Decide Which of These Very Good Dogs Are the Best Very Good Dogs

We hear there’s a big sporting event going on this weekend. (Something about a 2018 Super Bowl rematch?) But if your focus is entirely on […]

City Life

This 26-Pound Adoptable Chonk Sure Looks Like a Bobcat

I hope each and every Philadelphian is blessed enough to gaze their eyes upon these exquisite photos of Mr. B, a very large Philly feline who is, with no need […]

philly dogs
City Life

Philly Used to Be a Cat Town. Now It’s Gone to the Dogs.

When I moved to this city fresh out of college in 1978, I brought with me my cat, Julio, who’d been living (illicitly) in my […]

radnor hunt wedding
Philadelphia Wedding

A Horse-Loving Bride’s Equestrian-Themed Wedding at Radnor Hunt

Horses and horse races have always played an auspicious role in Kathleen McCarthy and Zachary Malet’s relationship, so it made sense for their Radnor Hunt wedding […]

Be Well Philly

This Philly Sports Event Manager is Powered By Yoga and Kitten Cuddles

Who I am: Kelsey Lauder (@kel__rose; @straycatrelief), 29 Where I live: Point Breeze What I do: I am the live events operations manager at NBC Sports […]

City Life

Gov. Wolf Wants to Seriously Consider Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Gov. Tom Wolf isn’t known for being a huge fan of legalizing recreational weed. This past August, he said Pennsylvania was simply “not ready for it” — which […]

snowstorm gritty camel philly
City Life

Snowstorm Recap: Wandering Camel, Happy Gritty, Travel Woes

Thursday’s winter event took most of us by surprise: What started as a lovely, late-morning flurry developed into all hell breaking loose on the streets of […]

City Life

How the National Dog Show Won Thanksgiving

He was alone except for the man selling popcorn and Milk Duds in the movie-theater lobby. While everyone else was nestled in their seats, watching […]

alligator south jersey woods
City Life

WATCH: Police Still Searching for Rogue Gator in South Jersey Woods

Residents in Atlantic County might want to be a little vigilant this week — there’s a gator on the loose. Police notified the public of the […]

animal ethics vegetarianism eating meat t
City Life

I Used to Love Steak — Then I Met a Cow

When I was in my 20s, I started working at an alternative weekly, which I should explain to younger readers was a free tabloid-format newspaper […]

boa constrictor
City Life

Police: A 7-Foot Boa Constrictor Might Be Loose in Montco

Montgomery County residents and visitors might want to be on the lookout — apparently there’s a 7-foot-long boa constrictor roaming the area. Police in East […]

Philadelphia Wedding

Meet the Main Line Bride Who Rode a Unicorn to Her Wedding

There are all kinds ways to make a grand entrance — or even a grand impression — at your wedding ceremony. You can surprise your fiancé(e) by […]