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bipolar diagnosis
City Life

I Built My Identity Around Being Bipolar. Then My Doctor Said I’m Not Bipolar

What happens when what’s wrong with you isn’t what’s wrong with you?

salvation army building collapse
City Life

The Forgotten Victim of the Salvation Army Building Collapse

Ron Wagenhoffer deserves to be remembered.

philly architecture
City Life

Philly’s Rapid Redevelopment Is Putting Its Architectural Character at Risk

Whose version of Philly are we building?

animal ethics vegetarianism eating meat t
City Life

I Used to Love Steak — Then I Met a Cow

How, at age 50, I finally brought my love of animals in line with my behavior.

City Life

It’s About Time Birds Got a Little Respect

As we celebrate the Year of the Bird, Liz Spikol on our feathered friends.

City Life

For Rape Victims, the #MeToo Movement Can Cut Both Ways

Liz Spikol on the pain and liberation within each new revelation.

City Life

The Eagles Parade: A Love Letter to Philly

I went not as a devoted Eagles fan, but as a lifelong fan of my city — my now undeniably world-class city.

City Life

Separation Agreement: What It Means to Be Living Apart Together

The latest trend in co-habitating is not co-habitating.

City Life

The Other Part of Womanhood No One Told Me About

Spikol: Girlhood, interrupted.

City Life

Finding (Mostly) Peace in the Wilds of Philly

One urban-bred writer’s journey from nature-hater to Schuylkill sojouner.

City Life

Way Into Politics This Year? Buy This Junk!

Spikol: What’s more American than buying a lot of highly dubious crap?

City Life

Every Time the Pope Moves the Church Forward, Chaput Drags It Backward

This month, Chaput denied Communion to gay couples.

City Life

Five Big Ways Philly’s Not Ready to Show Off for DNC

Spikol: We’re still failing at some pretty basic, embarrassing stuff.

Pulse nightclub following a fatal shooting Sunday, June 12, 2016, in Orlando, Fla.
City Life

Orlando and the Agonizing Need to Know “Why”

Spikol: We may never truly know the shooter’s motive. But we do know how he did it.

City Life

Of Course Someone Chucked a Bottle at Ryan Howard

Spikol: Philly fans aren’t inclined to reverence or even respect. Here’s how to change things.