How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Wedding Fights



While planning your wedding can be a major bonding experience for you and your to-be, you’re sure to encounter a few road bumps and differing of opinions along the way—after all, have you ever heard of a couple agreeing on every single aspect of their Big Day? We didn’t think so.

On the bright side, the fights that tend to arise between engaged couples while wedding planning are incredibly predictable—money, family, prenups and religion are just a few of the topics that usually cause tension—so with a little foresight and a lot of thoughtfulness, you really can work to successfully steer clear of any blowouts.

We liked this breakdown over on Loverly of the seven most common fight-inducing wedding-planning topics and how best to avoid murdering each other when they come up—matter of a fact, we’re so in agreement with these points that we’ve covered them, ourselves. Got a topic on the list that’s rearing its ugly head for you right now? Read up below. You got this.

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