9 Things You Shouldn’t Let Your Mother-in-Law Control for Your Wedding

9 Things You Shouldn't Let Your Mother-in-Law Control for Your Wedding


Ah, the soon-to-be mother-in-law. One of those topics that, when it comes to weddings, sometimes brings with it the same feelings as talking about budget and doing the seating chart: oof. I mean, we’ve all heard at least a few stories to tell, haven’t we?

That’s why I thought this roundup touching on a bunch of wedding-related things you shouldn’t let your mother-in-law, well, bully you about concerning your wedding was an interesting one. Because it really does seem like there are a few common denominators for brides who are blessed with having to deal with their groom’s overzealous mama: bridal party members, the inclusion of heirlooms, table arrangements. You know the things.

And so, even though a bunch of these things may seem like common sense (Obviously, I wouldn’t let my MIL weigh in on my vows!), like so many things when it comes to putting a wedding together, they beg repeating (especially #6 on the list, which I have witnessed friends and going through so, so many times). Especially if you’ve got the type of future MIL who makes it necessary for you to say these things to yourself in the mirror before getting together with her.

Any additional words of wisdom to share on the topic? Any other stands that brides should take against forceful MILs?

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