10 Don’t’s for the Mother of the Bride



It’s funny, most of the time, when you’re reading things like—well, this—any trouble that’s being referred to between a bride and a mother is usually the dreaded mother-in-law. But if you consider all of the conversations you may have had with girlfriends who were getting married—and if you consider for a minute who has more than likely annoyed you a good handful of times since you’ve gotten engaged—chances are another lady will come to mind: the mother of the bride.

Any mother and daughter will bicker from time to time to be sure, and just as it does with the the engaged couple, wedding planning can bring with it all kinds of opportunities for more of that bickering, as you’re dealing with making constant decisions that concern family, money, religion, and all kinds of other hot-button topics. It’s just how it goes.

Sometimes, though, certain arguments can be avoided, especially if everyone keeps in mind just what their roles are during this process—well, and perhaps more importantly, what they aren’t. We thought this list of don’t’s for mothers of the bride courtesy of wedding planner Sandy Malone, who stars in TLC’s show Wedding Island, served as a great reminder for that one very special lady in your life. (We have witnessed numbers two and six in the flesh before, and can certainly vouch that those situations are best avoided.)

It’s just up to you how you want to pass this on to her.

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