TLC Unveils (Another!) New Wedding Show: Wedding Island

TLC Unveils (Another!) New Wedding Show: Wedding Island

The scene of many a wedding on Vieques Island that will be featured on TLC's newest show, Wedding Island. Photo courtesy TLC.

Because your DVR was just saying to you the other day how you don’t have enough TLC wedding series recordings going on at the moment, starting on Thursday, July 18th (well, following a sneak peek on Wednesday the 17th), you can add another one to the list: Wedding Island!

This one doesn’t follow brides so much, though, as it does Sandy Malone, wedding planner extraordinaire on the teeny Caribbean island of Vieques, just off the coast of Puerto Rico. Apparently, she is the only wedding planner to be had in this particular tropical paradise, and the show follows her trying to pull off a dream wedding for two couples on each episode.

This means not only juggling all of the usual details and vendors and obstacles that any ol’ wedding involves—it also means doing that while dealing with people working on “island time,” which, for anyone who’s been to this type of place knows is a real thing, and that pesky unpredictable weather that such places also tend to come with.

It’ll air Thursdays at 10pm. So what do you think? Your interest about Vieques piqued?

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