From the Department of Oh Please: Nearly a Quarter of Grooms Say Planning a Wedding Is the Most Stressful Thing They’ve Ever Done



A recent survey in the UK showed that nearly one in four grooms claimed their involvement in wedding planning was the most stressful thing they’ve ever endured in their obviously blissfully stress-free lives.

I mean, okay, I will allow my snark governor to kick in here only because planning a wedding is stressful—it totally is. (Sadly, more stressful than ideally, it really should be.) And I’m not saying that grooms don’t feel it—they totally do. (Especially if their fiance is mega stressed.) And the reasons the study found to cause the most stress (guest list, budget, family) are definitely right on. So, feeling stressed during wedding planning = legit.

But, dudes: the most stressful thing ever? Stop. Come on. Up your threshold a bit, huh?

Not surprisingly, the ladies—the ones who (with some exceptions, yes, but I am pretty accurately generalizing, here) are actually on the front lines of the wedding stress, and who no doubt absorb a rather large portion of the stress before it even reaches their misters—did not rank the particular trauma of planning a wedding quite as high as the gents.

This study has appeared in various outlets, but I figured I should let you enjoy our own Fox morning show spitball on the subject.

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