30 Wedding Costs You Probably Aren’t Thinking About



When it comes to weddings—well, when it comes to paying for weddings—there is sticker shock, kind of inevitably, and then, there are the things you just never even thought of: Our marriage license? What, they don’t just hand that over? And all those bagels and champagne for the bridal party the morning of the wedding? They don’t just appear as if by magic? 

It’s easy—so, so shockingly easy, actually—to forget about so many little things that creep up during the course of planning a wedding. But really, in order to put together a budget that you at least have a prayer of not completely blowing, it’s helpful to try and get as many of them in there and accounted for as you can.

This post does a fabulous job of drudging a bunch of those up—so take a look, and then think about your own Big-Day plans (and all the wedding-related events and tasks leading up to it). We’re pretty sure that afterwards, you’re gonna wanna break out that Excel doc, add a few (ahem, or maybe a lot of) cells, and resave that guy.

What expenses have you come upon during wedding planning that you so hadn’t thought of?

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